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You do have a deeper voice than your husband's, but to be fair he has a higher than average one for a guy too. Nice house btw. Cute cat!


I've told him that, and he doesn't like it. I say, "Your voice is well-modulated but it doesn't resonate."

When our son was an adolescent, my husband would holler for him to come in and he never answered, but when I called he came right away--and it wasn't just because I was his mom; he could hear me better.

In college, a business English class, the professor irritated me, and I was in a second room off the first, with thick glass between the rooms, talking to another student. When I came out, the professor said, "You have a nice voice; it carries well." :p

Can you tell my husband is a big-time feeler? He's an ESFj for Socionics. Enneagram 2.

He never did understand, no matter how many times we watched that video together, that Gizmo wanted to stop playing because my husband pushed the stuffed rat at his nose, then didn't throw it right away or say quickly, "Ready boy?"

This kind of obtuseness is why I train the animals, and he helps me care for them.

Thank you about Gizmo.

He was in bad shape, almost died, when I took him and the rest of the litter--and the mom--in.

The kittens were four weeks old. Two survived after I gave them a human antibiotic (I had lost two of them so I took a gamble).

A hoarder had all the kittens and cats.

I'll share photos of them now and then, especially what they looked like as kittens and then as they grew on my homemade diet, training, and my husband's and my own love.

As for your not liking your voice; yes, I can see you've had enough experience, so if you were going to get used to it, you would have by now:

That is part of what bothered me when i first heard my own--the difference between how my voice sounded from mouth to ear vs. recording to ear.

I'm glad I grew to like it.

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