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I’ve been training and studying for a couple of months now to be an English teacher. In the readings I’ve been doing I’ve come up with so many different ways of dividing and classifying students and there was this one text that mentioned the intuition vs. sensing, perceiving vs. judging and these MBTI classifications. However, there wasn’t anything else more detailed about it.
I was wondering if there’s any teacher out there who’s thought about the MBTI types when teaching. I was thinking more about language teachers because that’s what I’m specialised, but I guess when it comes to dealing with students, teachers are teachers no matter what they teach :laughing:

• Have you ever find out the MBTI type of your students?
• Do you find it easier to teach once you know your students’ type?
• Is there any kind of type who is easier to teach? And anyone who’s very difficult?

I’ll be really interested if you share your opinions, no matter if you’re a teacher or a student :)
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