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I discovered MBTI when a friend gave me the book Please Understand Me II by Keirsey. I took the description of ESFP and marked out the line or two in there that did not fit me as I know myself, and I was amazed at just how well it described me. It is very real and very incredible.

I have successfully typed a few people by my observations. I claim that my typing was successful which is based on my own judgment. I gave myself an A+, and I do not know if I am right or not. That means I am treading on relatively thin ice.

When I read discussions on PerC about various people's experience with INTPs or ESTJs or ESFPs, they frequently seem to be quite authoritative on the topic. Frequently the end result is that INTPs are bad. ENFJs are much easier to along with than INFJs.

It is plain wrong to take this very powerful tool and make such judgments against any of the 16 distinct classes of people. First of all, you are biased because of your own point of view. You view all other people from your perspective of being an XXXX, or perhaps an XXXX.
You have now invented a tool by which you can justify discrimination. Secondarily, you run the risk of mis-typing, or worse yet, generalizing all of the particular class in question for the problems you had with another member of that class. That is sort of a very specialized form of racism. While nothing like other forms of racism, it is counterproductive.

On the flip side, if you can figure out how to make best use of each distinct type, and work to include them (the latter is a very ESFP trait, by the way), you wind up with everybody being included, which is a very good thing, indeed.

I like working with people who are different types because I know I have limitations. I have reached my conclusions that other people are better at some functions than I am, and I am better at other things than some folks.

There is nobody better than an ESFP to park at the front door of the church to meet and greet. If the show is not ready at curtain call, put the ESFP out on stage to idle the crowd for a little bit.

I will continue to read from the PerC, but I will take lightly the judgments against one class by a person. They have had a bad experience which is certainly not reams of data. They have perhaps had a bad rub with someone who is off by more than two letters from themselves.

Finally, I wish to say, Take it Easy on Each Other. That person whom you detest so much might give you a ride home one rainy day. Also, the person whom you have worked so hard to exclude may find a way to make your life miserable later on. (Returning a favor is the opposite of revenge). Don't burn bridges, don't close the door because someone is different than you. Enjoy the diversity.

Digger Blue
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