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Having to spare a few hours in between two lectures, I was walking helplessly in the psychology library, and found a book about MBTI.

Among other things that weren't so interesting, I found a spreadsheet that related disparities between E/I N/S F/T P/J depending on the country. Since the book is French, it compared UK, US and France.
Overall, UK and US were similar, while France had impressing results.

Instead of the usual 25% N/ 75% S, it is a 50/50ish.
Instead of the 50/50 ish between T&F, it is 70% and 30% T.

Though, they mentionned the results might not be the most precise, because the study wasn't taken on enough people compared to UK & US.

My questions would be :
1. Was there another study, with enough statistical data to verify those researches?
(Not France especially, even though I would selfishly be interested)
2. If there are statistically significant differences between places, is there scientific/contextual explanation?

Thank you!
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