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As a newbie to Enneagrams, I am trying to learn how the Enneagram and MBTI interact. So I was enthused to find this table on the web, made by someone called "Zarathustra" -

... and I spent some time rearranging it, trying to find patterns. After a lot of messing around I got this - and drew some provisional conclusions, which I've listed underneath.

The 4 blocks, from left to right, are: IT, ET, EF, IF. Thinkers to the left, feelers to the right; extraverts in the middle.

Some interesting things come out of it, for instance -

- Type 2 is dominated by feelers, with nearly twice as many extraverts as introverts.

- Type 3 is largely extraverts, with a steady increase from enfp on the right, to estj on the left.

- Type 4 is mostly feelers and introverts.

- Type 5 is dominated by introverts, with 3 times as many thinkers as feelers.

- Type 6 strongly favours judging and sensing (numbers increase from R to L within each block).

- Type 7 is dominated by extraverted perceivers.

- Type 8 looks like home territory for the ENTJ, and has hardly any introverted feelers

- Type 9 is mixed, but favouring any combination of isfp traits.

- Type 1 is favoured by none MBTI types, but has quite a few ESTJ/ISTJ.

Please don't share this (yet). I would love to hear your comments, or get your help, in finishing it.

[Caveats... there is a lot I don't know. Is it correct, statistically? For instance, I don't know where the original numbers come from. Also, the percentages don't add up to 100%, either horizontally or vertically. And some of the shading doesn't match the percentages. To make something better again - it would be useful to get detailed percentages with wings.]
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