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Mostly inspired by the seeming disconnect between Functions in Socionics (more aptly described) and MBTI (scantly described). The + is because I just got off of a Florence + Machine binge; you will deal.

So to the functions:

Extroverted Thinking
What it is not: Being overbearing with fact (improper Se or inf/immature Te) to the point of volatile, vocal exclusions.
What it is: Having an initial unbiased observation of fact.
Explain Further?: Know a lot of Te users that seemed biased as hell? This most likely means it is not their dominant function. This is the first and only time this will be said but echoes into all: functions do not operate in singular, especially not to a visible extent if not dominant. Te is the examination of external data to come to conclusions. It is the ultimate deductive reasoner. This is most likely why Te doms dominate the Stock Market and other financially lucrative institutions: despite their appearance as hard-headed and sometimes repugnant, they are constantly analysing external data and actualizing it based on perception (Si/Se).

Sadly, I don't know of many actual Te doms that aren't politicians (I shy away from them as examples because they become quite homogenous in behavior and speech on-air). Anyway, this girl, an INTJ or ENTJ, is really layin' it on thick--it's a very 'logical' way of dealing with personal issues of the external:
Extroverted Feeling:
What it is not: Giving hugs to everyone and being as sweet as Georgia Peaches 24/7
What it is: Tuning into current emotional atmosphere to gain a goal or enact the right amount of harmony.
Explain Further: It's amazing how infantile the descriptions on this function can be; some people literally take it as the function that just cannot get hurt. No, in fact, this type of 24/7 compliance and sweetness is indicative of poor Fe or other sociological trauma. Oprah Winfrey, the proud owner of the 2.2 billion dollar Fe, is not always sweet; that's what got her over other talk-show hosts that tried to do the sweet-as-pie routine. She knows when and how to exact her presence (Fe temperature taking) to get a goal OR atmosphere (usually harmony created).

But Fe is just as goal seeking as Te, just in the relation of human affairs and logistics.
She could destroy that man's career by doing it in the same week, given her viewers, which is why her producers were scared to do it. She didn't care; she had a message, and that was all she wrote. "Whiteknighting" would be a good word for the sanctimoniousness of Fe, but as with any other knight, it's gotta cut some folk to really to business.

To be continued.
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