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I think Alice is:

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I am just curious about what do y´all think about personality of Alice.
There are some characteristic features I can deduce:

-overly-witty and sarcastic

-self-assured and not easily intimidated



-good developed caring for others and having compassion and empathy for their

-rejecting sickness and unjustice strongly

-she gives impression of being J,because she permanently passes harsh judgments on people=parts of her personality she is fighting against;harsh judgements in general

-honest and truthful

-values knowledge

-driven to closure

-very brief and to the point

-mistrusting people

I would probably type her as INFP:for her deep curiosity,whimsicality and knowledge-seeking.However I can´t say whether she´s J or P.

Anyways she has strong ideal she enduringly fights for and is able to do anything to accomplish it(whatever stands her in the way).But on the other hand she doesn´t seem very random,when talking to anyone in the game.Her strengh will is prominent;what expresses by standing straight with hands behind her back.

+ poll: I think she is:
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