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I fell in love with the TV series Mom and was wondering what types are the main characters as I wasn't able to find it anywhere else.

So I would start:

Christy Plunkett: INFJ (somehow idealistic, future oriented, organized and sensitive, even though I see often Fi in her)

Bonnie Plunkett: ESTP (the opposite of Christy in every way except the addiction)

Jill Kendall: iSfj (this is hard, but she seems to be reserved and emotional sometimes and I see Si and Fe in her)

Marjorie Armstrong: ESxJ (not sure, but seems to be calm but bossy, so maybe EStJ)

Wendy Harris: ISFP (cheerful, emotional, reserved, kinky)

Adam Janakowski: ISTp (ex-body stunter, reserved, but sometimes seem to be more organized than Bonnie for example, so not sure)
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