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This Thread is to help you to find your Type \(*_*)/
The MBTI is a simplified System that works in preferences, preferences which you are more attuned to, which you are more comfortable with.
- I/E, S/N, T/F, J/P -
Because the Myers Briggs Type Indicator is based on Cognitive Functions as an underlying principle, you need to understand the following what I´ll illustrate with an example with the intention to avoid misconceptions:
Even if you are Sensor and a Thinker -ST- (ST/NF preference)
your are able to think abstract(S) and you are also able to feel(T) :shocked:

Your functions:
(iNtuition) either Ni or Ne
(Feeling) either Fi or Fe are just repressed but they still exist.

perceiving functions
Sensing (Si,Se)
iNtuition (Ni,Ne)

judging functions
Feeling (Fi,Fe)
Thinking (Ti,Te)

Cognitive Functions are not skills you can improve, nor are you capable of changing your type.

Extroverted: objective action (application of things that already exist)
Introverted: subjective action (development and use of an own System)

The MBTI mainly represents your extraverted attitude to the outer world, so with Introverts the J/P preference is based on the auxilliary process.
-ISTP- (Ti Se Ni Fe)

INTP (Ti Ne Si Fe), ISTP (Ti Se Ni Fe)
INTJ (Ni Te Fi Se), INFJ (Ni Fe Ti Se)
ISFJ (Si Fe Ti Ne), ISTJ (Si Te Fi Ne)
INFP (Fi Ne Si Te), ISFP (Fi Se Ni Te)
ESTJ (Te Si Ne Fi), ENTJ (Te Ni Se Fi)
ENFP (Ne Fi Te Si), ENTP (Ne Ti Fe Si)
ESFP (Se Fi Te Ni), ESTP (Se Ti Fe Ni)
ESFJ (Fe Si Ne Ti), ENFJ (Fe Ni Se Ti)

I feel energized when I'm interacting with other people; being alone for extended periods of time starts to become draining. (Extraverted)

I feel energized when I'm by myself; interacting with other people for extended periods of time starts to become draining. (Introverted)

I view the world using systems, structures, and classifications. (Thinking)

I view the world through my interpersonal relationships as well as those of others.

I view the world as a malleable environment I can easily affect change in. (Sensation)

I view the world as a starting point for generating other, unrealized, possibilities. (iNtuition)

Cognitive Functions

I use general principles and rules when making decisions or reaching conclusions.

I use a system of morality, right/wrong, or just/unjust when making decisions or reaching conclusions. (Fi)

Ti: Theory for the sake of Theory
Te: basically Theory for the sake of real world application

Ti: Competence to the development of theoretical systems and non-contradictory assertions
Te: Collection of encyclopedic knowledge and skills to make something out of it
You think logically, formulate systems and structures, create classifications, and develop general principles and rules that you apply broadly among a wide range of fields. (Ti)

You focus on knowledge and empirical data to make decisions. You're interested in the function and productivity of things--not only how they function but also how efficiently they function for their intended purpose. (Te)

"The remarkable indifference of the extraverted intuitive in respect to outer objects is shared by the introverted intuitive in relation to the inner objects. Just as the extraverted intuitive is continually scenting out new [p. 507] possibilities, which he pursues with an equal unconcern both for his own welfare and for that of others, pressing on quite heedless of human considerations, tearing down what has only just been established in his everlasting search for change(Ne), so the introverted intuitive moves from image to image, chasing after every possibility in the teeming womb of the unconscious, without establishing any connection between the phenomenon and himself. Just as the world can never become a moral problem for the man who merely senses it, so the world of images is never a moral problem to the intuitive. To the one just as much as to the other, it is an aesthetic problem, a question of perception, a 'sensation'. In this way, the consciousness of his own bodily existence fades from the introverted intuitive's view, as does its effect upon others."
Source: Classics in the History of Psychology -- Jung (1921/1923) Chapter 10

ae[]sthenic problem, = translation error (don´t worry I´ve corrected it :wink:)


side notes:
1. You also should consider the Enneagram because it could alter your MBTI preference :laughing:
2. Socioncs is not the same - the cognitive functions are modified
It is belived that we are using all 8 channels / IM elements, all of them are involved and these explains some overlaps between the types considering the mbti :mellow: so you can´t easily translate them.

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