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Hello, all, I’m a teenager INFJ. I thought I'd attempt to introduce myself, although I'm still figuring out this site. :dry:
Life story warning…
Along my life I usually didn’t feel so alone. My sister is an INFJ too, and was the one to introduce me to the world of writing, and everything I love. She and I are very close friends. :) Though I do wonder whether she’s really INFP, because she has no clue of the functions, sometimes acts pretty INFP, and has dubbed herself INFx. Which has bugged me to nuts. Functions, ugh…I occasionally wonder whether I’m Ni-Ti loop myself, too. Although I might have a hang on Fe…I dunno.
My childhood friend, I later learned, is also INFJ, and she was both my next to neighbor (until I was around 5 or 6) and my same religion. We went endlessly everywhere together and still keep in contact.
With them plus being homeschooled my entire life I never felt that lonely, until the age as I approached fourteen, when I found myself with my only friends that I could count as “real friends” (ones who I felt I could open up to and who understood me and my interests) being my dear sister, my childhood friend who lived thousands of miles away, and my ENFP cousin, who lived far as well.
So I’ve been finding myself rather lonely. ENFPs are usually the best, except when they drive me nuts because although I love being crazy (LOL) I occasionally feel as if they’re too crazy for me to have deep conversations or be serious with…doesn’t help that one of my ENFP friends has ADHD. O.O
Being INFJ has become torture when I look for people like me, because the only ones I can find live far away (especially since my sister abandoned me for college *glare, sister*). I find myself crying at night sometimes, me being emotional me, and find it harder to talk about deeper feelings, however vibrant I usually am, because it makes me feel bare.
But at the age of thirteen I also found the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which I have reveled in and now look to it almost constantly. It’s a life-changing find, and the functions excite me, as I’m always solving mysteries and they make the perfect people-solving tools.
I really hope this way I can connect with people like me, writers, Anime lovers, INFJs, and all, and that this place can help me feel better.
Writing is very much my life, reading is great (Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, etc.), and Anime is awesome. Usually. I’m especially fond of Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood, Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball), Attack on Titan, RWBY and probably a few others I have yet to remember. Over the Garden Wall I absolutely adore.

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Welcome! I've only been here a month or so, but I love it so far. As far as I can tell, mostly everyone here is pretty nice. I was expecting there to be a lot of drama since the Facebook MBTI groups are full of it, but that wasn't the case. I'm an INFP with the P only being at about 60% which is pretty close to an INFJ. And ya, I feel random emotions all the time. For example, I might get teary because the world seems awesome.

I also watch a lot of anime and like to read (mostly manga, but a little less than half are books), although I have been slacking off reading for a while. Right now I am watching an anime called Shiki. It's pretty good. Here's my profile on what I have watched, and what I am watching:
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