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I was going to write this on another PerC thread, but I couldn't find a thread that this quite belonged to.. and I figured since I relate best with my fellow INFJs, I'll write it on here!

So in the last few months I've been trying to figure out the types for my family and some close friends that don't know about the test... One person I knew, I just got them to take it today! And they tested out completely opposite of what I thought they might be -- turns out what I thought was actually their shadow function. I figure it was because i spend so much time around them, i've picked up on their bad habits and their stressful moments. But after they took the test, things made a lot more sense to me.

Anyway.... I was so SO incredibly excited to find out what their type was. I've only encountered unhealthy versions of this type, so it has been adding to my growing wariness and cynicism of people. However, when I found out that this person was also this type, a little flicker of hope in me shined. =] and I wanted to share this happy moment with y'all.. i know this is so sappy... but i just can't help it. This seriously gives me hope for rebuilding my trust in people, in general. and after dealing with the unhealthy versions (that really left me burned), I am even more appreciate of the good qualities. and I am thankful that in my mind i can tell myself, "that person had issues, but look at this person -- same type, but look how great of a family/friend they are =]"

Anyway... yes... i know ive been posting a lot lately. I'm going to hibernate from PerC for a few days to make up for this overabundance of posts lately... but anyway, i dont know why... but this discovery gave me so much hope and a "push" to get back on my feet in terms of recovering my trust and confidence with people.
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