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I shall be your tour guide for this evening.

Name: Victoria
Age: 18
Occupation: Eh, student. Yes, even in the summer.
Future Occupation: It depends on what I fancy at the time. Psychologist, professor, philosopher, English teacher, Data Input Manager, C++ programmer, Web Master, etc. It goes on.
Currently doing: Breathing. Not much else.

For "teh funs" I run several roleplaying blogs; Sherrinford Holmes, Charlie Holmes, Simon Ross Jr, Hamlet, Giovanni Aldemaro, Ormond Sacker and Gavin Ross. Sherrinford has most of my attentions [~98%]. He is based off of the colour grey and an ISTJ [that rhymed. Yes, it did. Say it out loud. See? Told you.]

I found this site, explored a bit, joined and then made tea. Whilst making tea, I was distracted by these tiny dust motes floating in the air -as one could see them from the prison's flood lights [No, I'm not in prison. I live across from one. Really cheapens the value of decent apartments. Location, location, location] and I thought, "Did I forget to do something?" Naturally, I did. I still haven't remembered what I needed to do but it'll come to me.

There isn't much else to say. On a daily basis, I wear clothes -typically whatever is lying on the floor and smells relatively clean and has no visible stains. I also wear shoes. Grey ones with little white laces. I think they are the cheap version of Vans but I don't care enough to really confirm that so you may believe what you wish. If you wish that my shoes are Converse then so be it. They are Converse. Still, they are grey with white laces and you are reading about my shoes. I find this funny.

My tea is being held in a Pooh Bear mug and I have eeeeh...258 1/4 books on a tall, black shelf. I have the numbers written down. 258, 17, 54 & 1. Or 4, depending on how you look at the book. It's four Jane Austen books bound into one so- Eh, you get it.

I like the colours grey, orange and lightish blue. Perhaps it is a sky blue. Not an evening sky blue but more the colour your room becomes when the sun has barely risen over the mountains. That weird, ethereal blue that they use for sex scenes in a lot of movies -namely the poorly filmed ones. That is not the reason why I like that colour. I like it because it's a shade of a primary colour and primary is my fifth favourite word.

A list:

  1. Nebulous
  2. Auxiliary
  3. Ignominious
  4. Circumvent
  5. Primary

I've used the username AuxiliaryINTP for ~4 years now.


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! I jumped in my seat when I spotted the word "roleplaying" in there. Gee am I thrilled to find an RP'ing person here on my second day, and this one even picks their clothes fresh straight from the floor! With Google as my partner in crime, I tried to prey upon some of these projects of yours, but the results yielded only a few hunky, dangerous-looking wrestlers and hidden information. So: care to elaborate? I am absolutely frustrated at my native country's depleted selection of text based RPG's, even tried to put one up myself with a friend but it transformed into a ridiculously detailed text project for just the two of us. Which is currently suffering from a severe case of rigor mortis.

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I am not a dangerous looking wrestler, trust me.
(Or, am I?)

Moving on, if you want to view my character [Sherrinford Holmes] put
in your address bar.

Creating an RPG/Forum with only two people sounds rather exhausting. I would never go that far. But, ah, yes Tumblr is an excellent site for text-based RPs. There are thousands of people who RP and I'd say that everyone has at least two RP blogs. Feel free to read some of my threads and familiarize yourself with the Tumblr style of rping.
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