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Just curious.
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Just curious.
Did Mysterywoman put you up to this?
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Did Mysterywoman put you up to this?
Hahahaha. There isn't a Mysterywoman. I did this for reaction. Never saw the show.
Just posted a thread, still don't realize why nobody has done one yet. Here's my take:
Michael Mancini - ENFJ (Season 1), ENTP (Season 2-7)
Jake Hanson - Quintessential ISTP
Billy Campbell - ESFP
Matt Fielding - ESFJ
Peter Burns - ENTJ
Kyle McBride - ISFP
Jane Mancini - ESFJ
Alison Parker - INFJ
Rhonda Blair - ESFP
Sandy Harling - ENFP
Kimberly Shaw - ENFJ
Jo Reynolds - ISFP
Sydney Andrews - ENTP
Amanda Woodward - ENTJ
Brooke Armstrong - ESFP
Richard Hart - ENFP
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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