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MMLTWA bullshitting
Huh? But... I am so see-through!

Face Forehead Chin Eyebrow Head

I am having a rough day so I will think of only one person to mention:

@Maypop15 for being open, earnest, honest, vulnerable, courageous, questioning, supportive, grateful, intelligent, analytical, imaginative, accessible, humble, and so much more. *Yes, I was able to pick all that up in just a few back and forths.


Intelligent, engaging, skeptical, playful, direct, when caught off-guard (candid shot), damn attractive. And young enough to be my son *Throwing that in there for the ones who go directly for "cougar!" :p

Carry on my wayward children. (✿◠‿◠)

See, I can never do the numbers, not even when only "one" is involved. *face palm
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