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@BranchMonkey, those rats are so adorable!!!
Thank you, Babe.

May I give them an extra unsalted topped cracker (one for each) and tell them it's from a really nice Gnome?


Also, if you ever really do want to get them I am a wealth of information on everything from which you would prefer--boys or girls, to what you'd need for an initial set-up, to how to rule out bad breeders, to making nutritious homemade food, to doing your own doctoring (if you're up to it as I was all the way through with Pickles until literally the very end), and more...

I did a lot of research before I got Pickles, then I did it on an ongoing basis, and often ignored what "experts" told me, which worked out well for Pickles, less stress for her, longer life, happy girl. xD

The Twins are now reaping the benefits of all my learning, experimenting, confidence that grew.

Today, after feeding them their usual one piece of breakfast "Barbara's Oat Crunch cereal" I came back and gave them half of a hard-boiled egg yolk (small one), then a piece of Manna Bread (rye sprouts and purified water glaumed together, which they like), and finally I let them have some avocado (not near the pit or skin, which can be bad for them), and oh wow, do they LOVE avocado, maybe more than I do.

When they were finally sated, Zanona came to the cage front when she heard me reenter the room, so I opened the cage, sweet-talking her, and stroked the length of her body, then leaned in and touched my nose to hers, and you know what?

She stayed still and clearly enjoyed going nose to nose with me, but very relaxed, different than she liked doing it with the Black n Decker hand vac.

I love those girls, and champagne hooded rats, girls not boys? Their fur is like cornsilk; amazingly soft!

What's not to love says The Rat Mom. :-D
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