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Thanks to all of you @Sensational @Schuyler @Jakuri @Deprecator @Crowbo

And @Paulie -- You either have a tremendous memory because I had this very kind of monkey at one point, just not so darn sweet, as my avatar OR you nailed it yet again, this time not for music. <3

I really like a whole lot of people. I just can't imagine being like my husband who goes from morning till night greeting sometimes hundreds--counting his job, strangers, co-workers, people at his church, neighbors... and then he gets on the Internet and greets some more!

My husband is an ENFP for those who skimmed the Spotlight interview as my INTP best friend did. *We talked for four hours earlier today, so I didn't even have to forgive her for saying, matter-of-fact, "Some of it was banal and other parts I already know, so..." :p

For those who feel as she and my husband did--that reading about our rats was the best part, here are two photos I took with the half-arsed boost phone camera and then did simple editing. (I have more but I won't bore anyone "too" much.)

These two are from last night's play session (or Rat Patrol as I call it), and I handled it all by myself including the picture taking, and getting Zanona to back off the Black n Decker hand vac that she was confronting--nose to nose with the nozzle, no kidding, and it was turned on and very loud too. That once shy girl is fierce!

Rat Mouse Muridae Muroidea Hamster


Hand Textile Design Pattern Flooring

I have to edit 28 from today. I conned the girls into staying put by feeding them a slice of banana each. Amazing what you can get from your "subjects" with tropical fruit.

ADDITION: I deleted the "attachment" but it didn't work, so consider it a bonus or ignore it; that's what I do every time I flub this kind of formatting. Glad I never wanted to get into graphic "design." o_O


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