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I understand how someone constantly switching types can get annoying but on the contrary, it can be a beautiful thing because it could reveal that the person in question isn't tied to wanting to be a specific type. For example: Whenever someone claims to be an INFJ, they are side-eyed and tested by default, which I think is ridiculous but I do understand.. coz it seems as though certain folks want to be special snowflakes... but I've looked into and claimed to be an INFP, ISFP, ESTP, ISTP, and etc. I do not carry a bias towards Fi, Se, or any other function.

I've gotten my type wrong over and over again and the reason why I don't mind publicly admitting or doing so is because my aim is to understand my own psychological nature, as well as others. So, if I look crazy or unstable, (which obviously I am because I have a mental disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Agoraphobia, aka rapid cycling, which has made me confused whether I'm ESTP or INFJ), I also think, overall what I'm striving for is the point of getting into Typology, to begin with. When you have a mental illness, your dominant and inferior are harder to distinguish because you are an overall unhealthy person.

One way to tell what your type is as a mentally ill person is to see which inferior is manifesting because Ni/Se doesn't manifest exactly like Se/Ni. Also, do you have an Introverted attitude or an Extraverted Attitude? In general, I have an Introverted attitude but i'm irresponsible when it comes to things dealing with Se, such as overeating, OCD, and sexual compulsions, like being addicted to pornography even when I wasn't in the mood to watch it.. I used to struggle with. I am impulsive when it comes to eating and popping pills to cope with reality so I often wonder if I'm ESTP or INFJ... and it doesn't help that I have a weak aux function, either. For example: When I consider being ESTP, I consider Ti being lead by Se but I don't do that. I don't combine Se with Ti, I just indulge in Se. (Wait, I am good at fixing gadgets lol )I consider Fe being lead by Ni and I do act like that more. So, I'm thinking I'm more INFJ, I originally thought. Furthermore, I've always tested as an IEI in socionics, which I never stopped accepting I was, so I was not noticing my own logical inconsistencies with that, either. Either way, I know I am Beta Quadra and use Ni+Ti+Fe+Se.. I just had trouble figuring out the order because of my mental problems and fickle behavior.

I am out of touch with myself at times and must take time to re-observe myself when I'm out and what is important to me. For example: I am more impulsive and overindulgent on sensory things, so I assume I'm an ESTP with "weak Ti" but when I went to a Christmas party the other day, I realized right away I was an Introvert and that I was reminded that I highly value Fe over Ti when I'm out in public and among society. I had a reality check and it made me realize I was claiming to be this badass personality type when I'm not really about that life, to be frank.

I do think mentally ill people can be typed... It just might take much more trial and error than the average.

So, if you struggle with your mental health, what type do you think you are and how did you come to your conclusion? Did you struggle with your dom/inferior in knowing which came first?
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