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Methods of self improvement?

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If this is too close in content to the other thread about ENTPs and improvement, I apologize.

Anyway, hi. I understand that ENTPs are generally quite focused on self improvement, so I would like to know what methods you use?

The most reliable method I have found is introspect, predict, then analyze. Basically, I think of a quality I have and a situation where it may be relevant, then try to guess how I will act in that situation. When the situation comes up, I note what I actually do, then introspect again based on that info. It works extremely well.

Unfortunately, it is a very slow process (especially with waiting for the event to occur in contexts which I cannot force sooner). Have any of you improvement-minded thinkers found a faster, yet equally accurate, method?

In case it helps, I'm an INTJ, though very weakly introverted.
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Just think. About everything. let your mind go mental and create all its connections then act on them.
One thing I've learned: Anything you want to do well requires the same set of behaviors.

So at the risk of over-simplifying, I concentrate on one activity and apply what I learn there to everything else.

Sometimes I forget what it takes to do something well. I have to reacquaint myself with the "rules" at that point by trying something new and learning to do it well enough.

I guess that's my method.
Whatever weakness you notice in yourself, work on it. For me I wanted to work on my seduction skills when I was 18 and still a virgin. So I started approaching a shitload of girls, grabbing their numbers, etc, and the result is that I now get laid more than most guys I know. I also wanted to work on my social skills, so I started talking to people everywhere. So now, while I'm not a fan of small talk, I'm pretty good at it. Now the thing I want to work on is being assertive and to get things by basically being an asshole. So I'm experimenting with different methods of being an "asshole" while at the same time drawing people towards me and getting what I want out of them. See my asshole thread for more on this. Furthermore, I'm always working on my business skills, sales skills and public speaking skills.

What it comes down to is having the stones to experiment with different methods to see what works and what doesn't work. There is simply no other way to learn. Either be willing to fail sometimes, or you will remain stagnant.
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