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I'm creating a template, and I'm trying to have the end of a table tab onto another paragraph a little bit down the page and skip the table following after it. How would I go about having it tab from that section to the next?

It sort of should look like this

End Table: (beginning)

Other table:
yada yada yada

Beginning of first paragraph: (where I want it to tab to)

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Directions when using WORD 2010:

Go to the section you want the link to jump to. Highlight the text/paragraph of your choice. If it's a full paragraph, you probably only need to highlight the first word.

Go to the INSERT ribbon and click the BOOKMARK button (keep the text you want to tab to still highlighted). It will open a box that says "Bookmark Name" with choices to "ADD," "DELETE," and "GO TO."

Type in the the "Bookmark Name" section whatever you want to call this tab jump. I recommend just using the first word of your paragraph to avoid confusion.

At the bottom of the box you will see an option to sort by "NAME" or "LOCATION." The default will be NAME. Change it to LOCATION. Hit ADD. Then CLOSE the box.

Scroll up your Word Doc to the word/text you want to act as the hyperlink between pages. So whatever word/text/table that will act as the "hyperlink."

Highlight it.

Go back to the INSERT ribbon and hit the HYPERLINK button.

You will see on your left a couple of boxes headed by the phrase "LINK TO." Select the one that says "PLACE IN THIS DOCUMENT."

When you hit that, the big box to the right will pull up a series of words. They will say "HEADINGS" and "BOOKMARKS." The Bookmarks one should be expanded to show your specialized bookmark, which will be listed under the name you saved it as.

Click that bookmark name and then hit OK.

Your text should now be hyperlinked. When you click it (using CTRL + click), it should automatically tab you to the paragraph/text/table further down in the word document.

It should work. Let me know if my directions are confusing.
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