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Hey all,

This forum has been great to find. Like so many other people who have posted here, i find it reassuring that there are actually people like me in the world. I saw a couple of videos today and it was remarkable how familiar other INFJs speech cadence and facial expressions seem--as if it is me in some other persons body, speaking back to me.

I have known for about 15 years about my personality profile as a INFJ, and I remember my first thought:

Perfect-- I won't identify with anyone.

I have been struggling lately about how I fit into society, or actually if I can fit into society? I started thinking back about my personality profile and thought I would test myself again. It came out the same. So, I started to research INFJs and came across this site as well as many others.

I am finding it hard to find work. I quit my job of 13 years in February. I was a manager for Trader Joe's
I quit because, in my opinion, Trader Joe's has stopped adhering to their own espoused values--and expected me to compromise my own, which I can not do. I can not seem to separate my values from my work--as others are able to do. I would appreciate any advice one could give me on this.

I would love to know other INFJs here in Minneapolis/St Paul.

Thanks a lot.

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