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So I started watching this show recently and while I sometimes try to type fictional characters as practice, I'm not really all that confident if I know enough about MBTI and cognitive functions to type properly. I tend to second guess myself a lot of the time in real life ^^'

Anyway, I was wondering about some of the characters' type, especially one of the protagonist's - Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug.

I admit I feel a sort of kinship towards her but I don't want to fall into the trap of typing every character the same type I am. BUT, I do kinda get INFJ-y vibes from her...right now, I'm leaning more towards ENFJ, I think. I have seen a lot of posts (outside of here) which type her as ENFP but I have to say, she seems more Fe-like to me. I feel like she's Fe-dom instead of Ni because her morals/emotions are usually the ones she can't shut off instead of Ni, leading her to act the wrong way at times because she feels wronged.

Plus, she doesn't feel like Ne to me personally. It's a technique I figured out for myself which I don't know would work for other people or even if I'm right at all, but Ne generally feels a lot like energy bouncing off the walls while Ni feels a lot more centralised. I get impressions like that from fictional characters (on screen) as well as irl, so I'm not sure if any of that is right.

But yeah, I haven't typed many fictional characters or people so I'm not very practised at recognising functions all the time. It's really just a hunch or feeling I have, and the connection I feel towards her (which is not necessarily based on MBTI but other factors).

Any input would be appreciated, I'm really curious ^^

PS: Once I get around to thinking about it some more I might try and type the other characters. After all, only practice will help me improve

EDIT: let me know if this thread is in the wrong place and I'll take it down. I wasn't quite sure where to post this

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Marionette is definetly Ne, but in the ESJF kind of way, which is where the intense Fe comes from. Tiki is the true ENFJ; her Ni is much more obvious than Marinettes'. I'm not sure about Ladybug's type though; I think there are a lot of plausible theories for her. I actually think that she could be the INFJ you're looking for, or at least feels like an INFJ. There's something about ladybug that feels Ni-Fe to me but I hear everything from ENFJ, ENTP, and ESFJ. But frankly something about Ladybug being INFJ seems right to me, Ni-Fe-Ti-Se.

For Adrien I see a number of people theorizing him as an INFP (mostly the people who see Cat Noir as ENFP so they can find a connection between the two personalities), but, no. He doesn't really discuss any Ne ideas which INFPs love to do, and he doesn't seem to have any strong Fi values that I can think of. This could just be for the fact that we spend more time with Marinette and as consequence don't know as much about Adrien's inner workings and/or a consequence of his depressing lonely family life; but still I see nothing that really suggests INFP.

ISFP seems more logical for Adrien; however I actually lean towards Adrien being an ISFJ. There's something about him that seems very Fe as well, and very ISFJ friendly. I don't sense strong Fi from Adrien. But again, his life kind of sucks and we don't know as much about him.

With Cat Noir I don't think anyone argues the fact that he's clearly an E*FP. I lean towards ESFP. I saw a poll were 40% of people responded with ISFP, which, lol - how is Cat Noir anything BUT an extrovert lol? He clearly leads with Se/Ne (I lean towards him being the Se user though).
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