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Estimated to be between 8 and 10 percent of the American population

Being with ESFP children is like being at a party! They are generally happy-go-lucky, friendly, easygoing people who are fully involved in whatever is going on around them at the moment. They are often smiley, cuddly, expressive babies who are happiest when they are surrounded by people. Active, uninhibited, and talkative, they are perpetually eager to explore their physical environment. ESFPs are truly free spirits, with lots of friends, almost no fear of strangers, and a personal philosophy that seems to remind everyone around them that life is and should always be a fun adventure!

ESFPs are highly tactile children who seem to have their arms open to life and their hands on it! They love being outside amid the natural world and enjoy a variety of sensory experiences like digging, climbing, swinging, and playing sports or experimenting with different textures and sensations. Their play tends to be very active and involves using their bodies in some way, dancing or doing gymnastics, or making things like jewelry or Lego structures. They like to be busy and engaged and want their stories and movies to be full of action and adventure. ESFPs are also frequently collectors of things, and whatever they have, they like to have out and available to look at or sort through at all times. Most ESFPs have huge collections of stuffed animals, love real animals, and, if allowed, would have a menagerie of pets.

Very personal and tenderhearted, ESFPs are usually eager to make and keep friends and have the best experiences when they have a friendly relationship with an adult, teacher, or coach. They usually have close bonds to their siblings and parents an tend to apologize quickly to restore harmony. ESFPs don't tend to look for or imagine anything but the most positive of motives and meanings in others, so they may be shocked and let down by others' thoughtlessness or cruelty. When they are hurt or disappointed, they may withdraw and hold on to their pain for a long time. They tend to cry easily, express both their affection and frustrations easily, and want plenty of hugging, rocking, and kissing from their parents.

Their relaxed, casual style makes most ESFPs a delight to be with, but it also tends to make them rather disorganized and messy to live with. They often can't find what they need in the chaos of their rooms, are usually running late, and seem to have no need of, desire for, or sense of structure of any kind. They are quite impulsive and reactive, eager and ready to respond to the next exciting opportunity or person that appears rather than sticking to any plan. They live completely in the moment, figuring the future will take care of itself. They love surprises and enjoy doing unexpected and nice things for other people. They sometimes have trouble holding on to and budgeting their money because they are both easily tempted and also very generous to their friends. But they are great survivors and are flexible enough to deal with most of what life throws at them.

[Source: Nurture by Nature: Understand Your Child's Personality Type – And Become a Better Parent by Barbara-Barron Tieger and Paul D. Tieger]
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