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Estimated to be between 12 and 15 percent of the American population

Friendly, outgoing, and confident, ESTJs like to be around, and in charge of, lots of people. They usually hold strong opinions about right and wrong and like everyone around them to play by the rules and pull their own weight. ESTJs are often bold and outspoken, direct, honest, and even blunt. They like to make things happen and are busy, active, and talkative people. They are highly aware of and concerned with fairness, insisting on equity in rules, evaluations, and rewards. For a consequence to make sense or be effective, it must be logical, and ESTJs are rarely convinced by emotional or irrational arguments or approaches. While they are very gregarious, ESTJs are not especially warm or affectionate with people they do not know very well and tend to make decisions based on what makes sense, not on what feels right.

Realistic and literal, ESTJs take the world at face value and strive to understand it from direct involvement and hands-on participation. They are usually very aware of their bodies and the physical world around them and tend to become frustrated or impatient with theoretical or hypothetical discussions. Often possessing a naturally good head for facts, they also tend to have good memories for details. ESTJs often demand that directions or expectations be very explicit and presented in a step-by-step manner. Embodying the essence of a clear work ethic, ESTJs usually want to finish one project before starting another without interruptions or distractions. They like to be the boss of whatever they are doing or playing and are happiest with real toys, physical games, and activities or experiences in which they know what to expect.

ESTJs are usually very sure of what they like and may be skeptical or resistant to new things – equally sure they will not like them. Like the unwilling diner in Green Eggs and Ham, they are usually totally convinced they will not like the new experience, before they have tried it. With prodding and encouragement, they will not like the new experience but will quickly become big fans and avid promoters. ESTJs thrive in a predictable, structured, and orderly environment and need to know that their parents or teachers have everything under control. They value security and stability and don't especially welcome changes unless they are persuaded that the change will be well worth all the stress and confusion it causes. When they begin to feel out of control, they may dig in their heels and become rigid and dictatorial. They need swift action and a speedy return to stability and security they feel when everything is in its right order.

[Source: Nurture by Nature: Understand Your Child's Personality Type – And Become a Better Parent by Barbara-Barron Tieger and Paul D. Tieger]
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