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My dad is an ISTJ. He is always working so I thought " What better place to get someone's opinion about another personality type than personalitycafe?"

How do you do? ESTP here!!! I wanna know about experiences (good or bad) that you have being around ESTPs. What is your opinion on us?
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My GFs an ESFP(I thought she was an ENTP but was wrong) and shes an awesome person to be around. I'm assuming ESTPs are about the same, except without the Fi function. Based on her, I'd say ESPs are fun to be around, very confident and reassuring, and quite assertive to say the least. They can be a tad reckless at times, but overall very pleasant people :happy:. They seem to be very good at performing in front of people as well(which I am horrible at :dry:).
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