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My dad is an ISTJ. He is always working so I thought " What better place to get someone's opinion about another personality type than personalitycafe?"

How do you do? ESTP here!!! I wanna know about experiences (good or bad) that you have being around ESTPs. What is your opinion on us?
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Positive: Your great for your people skills, unending positivity, and most of all you don't rationalize or justify mistakes(this item seems to be questionable due to a lack of agreement in forums, but my opinion is clear).

Negatives: You lack discipline but that can be said about most types. ESTP's can act hedonistic looking for the next good time when thats not really whats lifes all about at least from our perspective. Hard work leads to a greatness in what you want to do in life, but thats not a popular belief amongst ESTP's.

Of course we all believe we are the best personality we can be, and we live to our best, and for that reason I didn't state the negatives I did to persuade you, but show differing points of view.

The ESTP I know in RL is someone I admire for those positive reason, but man does he do some stupid things on his free time.
lol those ESTP's can jump from relationship to relationship, I wouldn't expect them to settle down with someone, but I'm sure they do at some point in life
I have a huge crush on one. :blushed:

You guys are fun and light-hearted, and can talk to just about anyone and have them like you. Me? not so much. I find you clever and kind (at least the ones I know) and are always ready to help a friend out. I think you can get a bit crazy at times (my ESTP likes to party) and can be forgetful---probably because you are so busy. My ESTP likes to goof around when he is with his friends, but is otherwise very smart and practical.

My ESTP has the same issue going on right now. He said something to the effect of "Man, all these couples coming into the restaurant *shaking his head* why don't I have a girlfriend" but he is probably the most hit on guy there, and the biggest partier. I just don't think he's to the point in his life where he wants to settle down.
actually, hes taken. He was talking to us in class (he is a few years older than I) and said he made a joke to his friends that he would remain single and be a bachelor forever! Then a few weeks later he met his current girlfriend and they've been together for over a year now. His GF is really cool, so there is no hard feelings there.

He still talks to us about his issues, (like how GF wanted a different apartment that came with a washer and dryer because she hated to use the laundromat...) He's very loyal however, and is pretty darn committed.

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I don't think they're proned to over-thinking (not to insinuate that they don't think) things and that their self-esteem seems to be one of their strengths, which is probably part of that "endlessly positive outlook" I spoke of
My GFs an ESFP(I thought she was an ENTP but was wrong) and shes an awesome person to be around. I'm assuming ESTPs are about the same, except without the Fi function. Based on her, I'd say ESPs are fun to be around, very confident and reassuring, and quite assertive to say the least. They can be a tad reckless at times, but overall very pleasant people :happy:. They seem to be very good at performing in front of people as well(which I am horrible at :dry:).
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