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Chase away the demons with another distraction
Bury my head in the sand
Another day and another transaction
Can't keep a cent in my hand

Parasites and leeches crowd the parlour floor
They try to spike the drinks
They'll come and take the knob off your kitchen door
Your security shrinks

So add another string to that ball of yarn
Swallow one more shell
Another rigid tongue is out to do you harm
Out to tap your well

I get so weary of the noise and opinions
All their cushioned positions
I get so tired of the servants and minions
Pleading for my submission

They called your number just to clarify
Just to ruin your day
Interrupted your summer just to terrify
And make you hide away

No one sees your heart being asphyxiated
Choked for all you're worth
They've made arrangements to have you inundated
Dying before birth

Can't think outside a box you've always lived inside
Never see the sun
Everyone's enlightened while you're petrified
You're the only one

Every sunrise brings another chore
Don't have the strength to move
Every interaction rots you to the core
What do they have to prove?

Sucked into the malaise of rigid routine
Getting paid to conform
Longing for the days you'll be more serene
Sheltered from the storm
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