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For my mbti is esfp
Which is wellknown for entertaining and experiencing lifes

but my enneagram got a crush on it
which is 4w3 sx/sp, tritype 415/416
( I confirmed many times )

it feels like contradiction as 415/416 named the researchers or the philosophy

Although i am in healthy level(1-2) of type4
Entertainer + the researcher ??
This combination always confuse what is my position in life, looks like the oil mixing water

Hope to see u guys thoughts and recommendations on my situations.

Beer Guardian
ENTP 5w6 So/Sx 584 ILE Honorary INTJ
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Comparing the enneagram with MBTI is sort of like comparing apples with bicycles. They measure totally different things. MBTI is all about cognitive functions. The Enneagram is about motivations and behavior. Look at me. I'm an ENTP and a 5w6 So/Sx 584. Reconciling my MBTI and enneagram would seem impossible, but it isn't. I'm a wondrous bundle of contradictions.
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