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Missinterpretations of ENFPs!

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All of my friends say that they thought I was a very innocent person when they first met me. And then, they started to get to know me. And, now they like to talk about how they were ohhh sooo wrong. haha, they were worried about corrupting my mind with some of their slips of dirty jokes. Now they believe that I have corrupted them.

Also, Ive noticed that I tend to be paying attention the most when I seem to be in a sort of ADD mode to people. I was at a D&D [yeah, D&D of all thigns] thing the other day with another one of my ENFP friends, and she was feeling very out of it [one of those needed to retreat into her Fi for a bit today because someone messed with her value system big time the night before kind of days]. Anyways, so...there was music in the background, and I was sort of dancing to it and I was occasionally making comments to another person in the group. And, in the meantime, my ENFP friend was sitting there quietly, and them the person conducting the whole thing says to me, "Um, you need to pay attention like your friend over there or else your not going to get anything." He then asked a question expecting me not to get it and my friend to answer. To his shock, she was clueless and I was spot on.

Any of this happen to you guys before? Or any other kinds of ENFP Misinterpretations?
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People have called me "flighty" before... but it's not the kind of flighty they were implying. They thought I was "flighty" as a way of life... but I'm not. I value security and stability very highly and lack ability to function without them. "Flighty" is my reaction to things, not my home base. I become flighty when I feel that things in my life are no longer in my control. I tend to test the people in my life, as if to gauge their loyalties, when things get hard... and if the response isn't what I necessarily expected to hear, I get antsy.

Basically, I live my whole life tensed up and braced for impact. But that may be more of a counterphobic 6 enneatype thing than an ENFP thing. Moral of the story: I'm not flighty!

Also, like everyone else, people think I'm a complete idiot. I actually know way more about things than I let on... I let the "stupid" facade stick, though. It's easier to figure people out when their guard is down, which it will be if they think you're not intelligent enough to understand them.
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