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Hey, all. This is my first post on this forum. I finally decided to join after lurking random threads that would show up on a google search.

I just found out about Socionics, thanks to this site, and that is what lead me to a slight dilemma: have I mis-typed myself as INTP, this whole time?

I tend to get INTP on tests, and I was ok with that. It sounded just like me. But then I got INTj on the socionics test and realized, upon reading both, I related more to INTp. Upon further research, I found out that INTp actually correlates to INTJ in MBTI. So, I decided to read up on INTJ's functional stack, and found myself relating very heavily to the descriptions.

I have always had an interest in personal development and I like to collect personality tests and catagorize myself into existing systems, to get a better understanding of myself. For example, according to my birth-date I am a Virgo (Virgo II aka Week of Enigma, according to The Secret Language book series), Life path #8 (according to Numerology), Born in the year of the Snake (according to Chinese astrology). I also recently found I am most likely a 5w4 sx varient in the Enneagram system.

I feel a bit confused about a few things regarding MBTI so I feel the need to share my current findings with others who might be interested in the topic but alas, I don't have such a friend irl. Hence the reason I decided to join this forum. You see, I never delved very deeply into the functional stacks, and found it hard to wrap my mind around the subtleties of Ti Ne, when I tried to learn about INTP, awhile back.

For whatever reason, I was able to understand better when I read about INTp and then INTJ's functional stack. Here is where my dilemma lies: The personality descriptions of INTP reflect well on me (such traits as living in a dream world, philosophizing, zoning out, always thinking). But when I read about INTJ's personality (or lack thereof) it's hard to relate, seeing as I am have never worked in a structured business environment. The only work I've done has been mundane work, which bored me, so I wasn't very enthusiastic about it. I spent so much of that time in my head, mulling over things and I figured that was an INTP trait, I must be INTP.

However, when I actually read the INTJ functional stack, I realized how much more I relate to it. There are still parts about INTP that I relate to when I read it. I think what really made the difference was when I read about the INTJ childhood versus the INTP childhood:

"Phase I (Childhood)

Early in life, Introverted Intuition (Ni) emerges as INTJs’ dominant function. The degree to which the dominant function needs to be worked on or developed is not entirely clear. If one can argue, for instance, that great athletes are born not made, might the same not be true for a type’s dominant function?

Regardless, INTJs’ amass a great deal of information for their Ni to chew on throughout their childhood. The longer they live and the more they see, the more their worldview crystallizes and the more confident they feel in their understanding of things. Even young INTJs are keen to understand what is happening around them. This is what Ni does. It looks beyond appearances to discern the root causes and structures of things.

But as we’ve seen, INTJs aren’t always all that serious-minded. Many spend their childhood playing video games, watching movies, learning an instrument, or surfing the web. They acquire much of their knowledge through happenstance, without much in the way of conscious effort."

( This INTJ description sounds exactly like me, as a kid.

While this ( INTP description, does not:

"Phase I (Childhood)

This phase is characterized by the emergence and differentiation of INTPs’ dominant function, Introverted Thinking (Ti). Early in life, INTPs often employ their Ti to focus on one or two pursuits. They may, for instance, use it to master video games, program computers, get good grades, or perfect their 5 K time. Since Ti is a Judging function, INTPs often take themselves and their lives rather seriously. Even from a relatively young age, they are self-motivated and goal-oriented, striving for excellence in whatever captures their interests."

Another things that stood out to me in INTJ (although I related to all of it) is this description:
"Another consequence of INTJs’ Perceiving dominance is their tendency to be passive or phlegmatic. More proactive types, such as ENTJs, might even consider them a bit lazy or apathetic. But calling INTJs lazy is to miss the point of what it means to be a Perceiver. Namely, since INTJs’ first and foremost job is to Perceive rather than Judge or act, functioning in a passive mode of perception is actually their most authentic mode of operating. Indeed, the reason that INTJs’ theories and insights are often superior is because they do not force things. They patiently allow their Ni intuition to collect and synthesize all the pertinent information before they draw conclusions. Again, others may be blinded to this reality if they focus exclusively on INTJs’ external presentation."

This sounds exactly like me and I think it's the reason I though of myself as an INTP. Because in my mind, INTJ's were inherently "doers" while INTP are "thinkers". I guess it was a mistake to assume that.

(I do wonder if the descriptions on this site are accurate. It's the only one I've explored, so far.)

I wonder why, when taking tests or reading about the personalities, I would usually get INTP? Although now that I've read the Personality Junkie description and the functional stack, I am 95% certain I'm actually INTJ. The more I read and learn, the more sense it makes that I've been leading with Ni, not Ti, this entire time.

I'm even an aspiring fiction writer. But funny enough, I prefer reading factual texts (fiction bores me and I feel more comfortable being the creator, when it comes to stories). And I do write private blogs about facts I learn or my opinions on current events, sometimes.

Does anyone else share this experience (mistyping)?
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