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What types, if any, have you identified with in the past and what convinced you of it? And how did you finally come to the conclusion that you're ESFP?

i mistyped as an ENFP for months because i can come across as random/hyper/nonsensical when I'm shit posting or feeling excited through my text. i also put a lot of time into what people like to call ""abstract"" topics, specifically personality theory and astrology. And pretty much most of it was just a clusterfuck of "You don't seem like an ESFP, you write too much and you're online a lot only an iNtuitive would think this deeply into myers briggs theory" comments. No cap

That got me absolutely nowhere, identifying as ENFP did not help me understand myself or help others understand me at all because I was reading about the wrong strengths, the wrong weaknesses, and the wrong motivations and cognition. I would walk away pretty convinced I was that type when I didn't know any better because a bunch of people stuck one of my surface level behaviors into a vague Ne trait, but what ended up happening? The literal second I got on the internet and did research on the type for myself, I could not identify with it at all. There was nothing in the cognitive description that I ever find myself doing on a regular basis, no one gives me feedback for being like that, and it all felt wrong. But as soon as I started reading about ESFP, more things started to click, and the type matched so much better, and that was when I felt complete. I even took it a step further and had the closest people in my life take a look at it, and they all pretty much unanimously agreed. So that pretty much settled it, and I'm beyond confident that I am a sensor now.

What about you all? Have you ever mistyped like that before, and did you feel the same way about it all just "feeling wrong" until you got it correct?
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