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It sometimes gets thrown around here on the boards that Thinkers (Ts) are cold and rational while Feelers (Fs) are warm and emotionally volatile, based perhaps on certain type descriptions found at free online sources. Such descriptions go into the ways Fs "don't understand or believe in the validity of impersonal judgment"¹ and "genuinely care about people, and are strongly service-oriented in their desire to please,"² while Ts are people who "avoid making judgments based on personal values"³ whose rationality "may also isolate them from their feelings and from other people."

I think we can all agree that these are all, to some extent, caricatures made in effort to broadly generalize type, but I would posit that, for Ts and Fs, these particulars might even go the other way around. That, in an effort towards fulfillment, internal Thinking preference leads one to seek emotional understanding through their T functions, while a Feeling preference leads one to seek contact dealing with logical thought-chains to back up the info of their F functions.

Just something I've noticed by surveying various MBTI-tested people irl. For instance, I wouldn't call any of the following atypical of their test result:

An ET/E6 I know falls in love quickly and deeply. Strong feelings broadside him, and cause him to lose self-awareness. He might think he is "hiding" a feeling, but that feeling will still be obvious to most of the people around him. Oftentimes he will make decisions in direct contradiction facts, based rather on his strongest emotion, towards the goals of that emotion.

An IT/E3 I know frequently initiates emotional discussions with those close to her. When others refuse to discuss their own feelings in return, she shuts herself down, though it is obvious to most of the people around her that she is hurt. She does not like debates. She greatly enjoys having verbal assurance of her desirable social status, i.e. that she is "the best-looking person in the room," or one's "best" friend, and will do the same for others, out of a sense that this will similarly improve their well-being.

An IF/E5 I know is very slow to show emotion. She is often chilly, polite, and reserved, and at outward glance does not seem to care about anyone's problems. If she is experiencing strong feeling, she would rather dissect the source of that feeling on her own, or perhaps with someone she trusts, so as to better understand herself. In her spare time she enjoys mapping her thought-patterns, constructing arguments, and checking those of others for validity.

An EF/E7 I know is emotionally volatile, but usually knows what he is doing. He is not scared of his feelings, but he doesn't always think them through because he doesn't outwardly seem to care about their meanings. He is a debate champion, and will go to great lengths to put in their place anyone who does not have all the facts. He might be described as selfish and socially out-of-tune, but these things do not worry him as most of the time he has his head in the clouds, thinking up ideas.

All in all, the Thinkers I know seem a bit more likely to show and talk out their feelings, partially out of a need to vent them, and partially out of pure interest. The Feelers I know, otoh, seem better at compartmentalizing and concealing their feelings, especially if those feelings are inappropriate for a situation, and instead prefer to open up about their thinking processes. Anyone else notice this? c/d
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