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What do you think of yourself?

  • More moral, but not more intelligent than others

    Votes: 19 9.8%
  • More moral and more intelligent than others

    Votes: 84 43.3%
  • Not more moral, but more intelligent than others

    Votes: 64 33.0%
  • Not more moral and not more intelligent than others

    Votes: 27 13.9%

More moral and/or more intelligent than others?

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The Muhammad Ali effect, according to wiki:
The Muhammad Ali Effect is a term used in psychology that was named after him when he stated, "I only said I was the greatest, not the smartest" in his autobiography The Greatest: My Own Story. According to this effect, when people are asked to rate their intelligence and moral behavior in comparison to others, people will rate themselves as more moral, but not more intelligent than others.
So, do you agree or not? Because I'm the opposite - I think I'm less moral and more intelligent that most people. Do you think that Enneagram and MBTI might play a role in the answer?
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more intelligent than most everyone I have encountered in my life so far, but certainly not more moral. morals are pretty ridiculous if you really think about it. they are 'illusions'... part of the human condition, I suppose.
There is some research to suggest that liberals have higher intelligence, which is in line with them scoring higher on Big Five Openness, a trait strongly correlated to IQ. This of course should not be construed as evidence that the liberal position is somehow objectively better.

But are liberals morally superior? I can't say I see that. They just seem to focus on other questions than conservatives.

I agree with this. I mean it just seems so true. Liberals are all around just more open-minded, which, if you ask me, just results in a more intelligent person, for obvious reasons really. A more moral person, not so much... because of all the influences of the world I suppose. At least that is how I see it.
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Every person, when making a moral decision, is convinced that their decision is the most moral.

What I ask is what kind of morals I am comparing my own to? What makes something more moral than another? Is it the idea of equality? That's a western ideology. From my observation, I am more concerned with equality than many others. Placing my moral values in the middle eastern society with an Islamic moral ideology, I would be viewed as an immoral person. In a society that views anything in a way that conflicts with my personal moral views, most of which are from this western ideology (I AM being raised in western culture, after all), I would be viewed as an immoral person by that society.

I can't honestly answer the question posed, because I find the question to be flawed. There would have to be something to base my comparison off of, such as a person, group, or nation's morals and values.
I agree with you for the most part, but I have to say that the question is what you believe, so it doesn't really matter if you base it off of anything... according the question.
either way, as for the bolded part... I (as well as with a few other people on this thread, apparently, I have noticed) do not think I more moral than most others. in fact even many Americans may consider me quite immoral. the most liberal of liberals on the planet might even. and I don't deny this either... not even in my own mind do I consider myself more moral than any given person I may be chatting with (not to say I am a despicable person, I wouldn't say that either). just sayin'.
I think all morals are total crap (not to say we should just run rampant in the streets, I'm not saying that, just making a point is all) because they are not really based off of anything, they are just human beings claiming to know what is right and wrong(own minds, or in public) (and that goes for any culture btw) its just us[humans] looking for another way to validate our place in existence... and giving it some sort of 'government', if you will, in order to do so. but I apologize to all the religious people out there who may have read this post, sorry, I am obviously not religious.
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I put "not more moral or more intelligent than others".

There are lots of people on here that are a lot smarter than me in my supposed strong suits. Then there is always the "different intelligence" thought avenues one could go down.

Then there is morality. I have a higher morality in some areas whilst in others I do not. For instance, I find it incredibly cruel to hurt animals yet I could sleep just fine killing a random human being on the street, but I don't find it logical.
...are you perhaps suggesting that have killed a random human being on the street... or are planning to do so??
lol, I'm a little confused... I thought being a pacifist meant avoiding violence, and being opposed to it completely...
But, I think I might sort of get where your coming from because I too had a shitty HS experience, people can really suck.
Though -with that said- you may not have a problem in the act of killing someone (due to a fight or whatever else) based on what your saying, but who is to say you'd be fine 'sleeping at night'? It is a pretty intense thing, to take a life, and if you haven't done so already I find it sort of unjustified to say how you'd feel afterwards.
I'm not trying to say your feelings are unjustified though, because they most definitely are justified. I was just interested by your comment and felt compelled to respond, I hope I don't offend you... 'twas not my intention at all. :]
From googling "Define: Pacficist"

I'm mostly just opposed to violence inside of myself, I try to stay pretty calm.

I tried killing a few people once, failed, kind of glad I failed too, I would have gone to jail... other than that though it didn't bother me, but then again, they deserved to die.

I suppose I should clarify a little, I don't mean innocent people that are good natured, I would likely feel bad if I killed someone like that. I mean the rotten people, the people that I'm thining of are back from high school, I would imagine it's the same thing as squashing a bug.

My feelings are rather selfish, so you would be justified in saying they are not justified.

Don't worry about it, I try to stay pretty chill nowadays:happy: and I doubt you really could offend me over the internet, I can just ignore your comment and scroll to the next one if you bother me.
I'm glad I didn't bother you enough where you decided not to respond, I love a response!

So, I'd have to disagree with you when you say "they deserved to die"... not to make what happened to you in HS sound invalid, or rather, your feelings towards it as invalid... but I'm really more the type of person who rejects all morals -because I don't see them as being based on any sort of fact/evidence. I am not religious because of this very same idea. I'm just leaning towards what your saying as being sort of a moral interpretation of your situation.
Though, I am glad to read that you would likely not consider killing what you see to be as an innocent/kind-hearted person...
And it is evident that you are not devoid of all empathy, especially because of the affection you feel towards animals, as you mentioned earlier. I'm assuming this has a lot to do with your negative experience in HS and you have somehow applied that to life in general... which makes perfect sense because it was part of your learning process for life, which is what HS really is for most people (it was for me -and I had many horrible experiences is HS as well- I just came to a different conclusion than yourself, which I find interesting).
Anyway, again I hope you don't get angry with me, I am really just genuinely interested in reading the feelings/opinions on a subject from another person that I seem to feel quite differently about. :]]
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