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What do you think of yourself?

  • More moral, but not more intelligent than others

    Votes: 19 9.8%
  • More moral and more intelligent than others

    Votes: 84 43.3%
  • Not more moral, but more intelligent than others

    Votes: 64 33.0%
  • Not more moral and not more intelligent than others

    Votes: 27 13.9%

More moral and/or more intelligent than others?

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The Muhammad Ali effect, according to wiki:
The Muhammad Ali Effect is a term used in psychology that was named after him when he stated, "I only said I was the greatest, not the smartest" in his autobiography The Greatest: My Own Story. According to this effect, when people are asked to rate their intelligence and moral behavior in comparison to others, people will rate themselves as more moral, but not more intelligent than others.
So, do you agree or not? Because I'm the opposite - I think I'm less moral and more intelligent that most people. Do you think that Enneagram and MBTI might play a role in the answer?
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I don't really think anyone is going to say that they're 'less' intelligent than others. Also I have a difficult time believing when somebody say they're not smart/intelligent that that is really true. It takes somebody who is very sharp to be this self-aware and candid with their shortcomings.
The important difference is that it doesn't say "are you not as smart?" It says "Are you more smart?" In other words, being average doesn't make you stupid.

I generally consider myself more moral than the average, but I see too many people being apathetic. More intelligent, not really.
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