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Hey guys,

So after typing as a ESTP to a ENTP and landing on being a ENFP (after taking the test twice, and one while I was more awake), I'm still concerned about my type. I know knowing my type shouldn't be this stressful and probably isn't the most important thing, but it still interests me.

I found out about MBTI last year and I was typed as an ESTP. This immediately caught my attention as I typed my friends and read countless Google results about myself. But I noticed that they were perceived a lot as "extreme narcissistic daredevils." They might be right about that narcissistic part, but I do have my limits when it comes to stepping out my comfort zone and being adventurous (both I like to do).

Then I was retyped as an ENTP. Most of it was almost scary accurate. I do get bored easy, I fall short on projects, I'm a risk taker, I'm spontaneous, I spend a lot of time thinking of ideas more than I actually plan on doing them, I love self-improvement and spending time with my friends.... but I'm not really a big scheme person. I wouldn't think of myself as manipulative or thinking of anything to make money. I do keep my options open and I am very creative -- but as far as that big scheming thing goes, I'm not really with that.

Finally, I've arrived at ENFP. From what I've read, they're very emotional and sensitive. They're basically in love with people and infatuated with learning every single detail about them and what the latest gossip is. I do get offended easily, but the reason why I'm even doubting this is because I'm not obsessive like that. I like playing around and light-heartedly offending people. I wouldn't go into read a sad story with a box of tissues, and I wouldn't really consider myself a very empathetic person. I just like conversations and company more than anything.

Summarizing this alone, I think I answered my own question with -- I'm more of an ENTP, and these tests could be results of just being in different stages in my life. Maybe I was much more carefree when I was typed as a ESTP and more loving as a ENFP.

But here's some traits about me that might make it easier than reading all of this -

  • I get bored easily.
  • I find myself comfortable/adaptable in any crowd, which causes me to flip flop one at a time
  • I'm very outspoken and spontaneous.
  • Creative, observant, laidback...
  • Open to anything that catches my attention...
  • Easily offended/irritated
  • Comfortable with myself
  • Interested in other people's lives
  • Lives (emphasis on LIVES) in the present

What do you guys think?
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