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A interesting concept during my readings of Nietzsche is the idea of 'type-facts' or physiological priors that propagate one's unconscious drives and motives in life. Now seeing as Ni is mostly spontaneous, a distiller of noise, and without language (mostly visual for me) while being accessible at times by conscious processes (e.g. Te), it is perhaps the closest function to our own personalized natures.

So as an attempt to uncover/induce one to revealing his/her own nature, I'll ask the following two questions:

-What is your external vision in life?
-What does this vision say (presume) about you?

I'll start this off:
-In science, information is growing and more widespread than ever in human history. However, data is often convoluted with a lot of noise/garbage and its seemingly high complexity/dimensionality is not what it seems as 'truth' is often hidden on some latent manifold. Rather than to design careful instruments/experiments with greater resolution and precision, I aim to mine data and extract their hidden correlations and structures with speed.

-I believe structure exists but its nature is subjective. My thoughts contain much noise but I aim to separate/quiet the irrelevant parts. Hence, both thoughts and speech are imprecise but within it may contain elements of insight and purpose. To extract this insight and with efficiency, I create artificial feedback loops (such as this) in order to refine my conveyance till truth becomes self-evident. Therefore, I see the external world as auxiliary to revealing a paradoxically subjective truth.
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