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I have none of it.

I should be doing 'chores'. But I'm damn tired and I keep procrastinating.

I am so fucked up. Lol. Sometimes I wonder if I'm better off dead and not troubling everyone with my fuckwitted laziness.
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Its worse if it involves personal life goals. No motivation=Not going to happen no matter how hard you try to force yourself into it.
I don't think anyone is inherently lazy. They just don't have passionate enough goals that move them to the life they want to live.
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Hey NexT, I thought I'd give you a response based on some of the things I've considered on this topic. I know you didn't ask for one, but I'm writing it in case you might find it useful. The topic of motivation is close to my heart and experience, because for so many years I have struggled to have motivation toward anything useful. Of course I don't know your situation, so not everything I write is not meant to directly apply to your circumstance, but I think maybe some of the principles for motivation here might help in summoning motivation, because this is what has been helping me so far. It is my hope that you'll find something useful here.

No one is unmotivated. Everyone has motivation, but we find it from different sources. When we are motivated, dopamine levels rise in our brains that signal our body into action and push us to some form of action or the meeting of some goal.

One way we become motivated, but also the least beneficial for productive self-growth, is directly from objects, rewards, and experiences on the outside. When we are hungry dopamine increases, pushing us to eat, and because of the pleasure of eating, dopamine levels rise more. The brain creates a formed memory connecting food with pleasure, and if we lack pleasure in our lives, the brain may signal pleasure-driven hunger to eat food, even when food is not needed. This applies to things such as drugs, video games, but also relationships with people.

Naturally, we find pleasure in thinking about members of the opposite sex, and when we do, dopamine rises, and we feel motivated. Even very depressed and unmotivated people may put hours of effort into writing a song for a special person, or elaborately come up with a way to get to know them. In all of these cases the brain is saturated with dopamine-driven motivation.

Unfortunately, some people become so dependent on external things for their motivation that the only way to get that fix and the alive feeling is through food and drug substances, and media stimulation. Over time the brain puts faith in what has given pleasure and motivation in the past, and lacks the ability to do so from within. But it is the motivation that begins within that will bring success and happiness. Being INFPs, it is our Introverted Feeling that tells us our priorities. If the highest priority is to feel good, self-indulgence follows, and hollowness of heart results. But if our priorities are focussed on self-growth, success, and service, we will experience fulfillment. As we all know, the catch is that we are not naturally accustomed to experiencing motivation toward these things, unless we feel some immediate pleasure awaits through the door. How can we actually change this? Where do we find the motivation???

To build motivation toward fulfilling goals and aspirations its important to begin removing our faith in objects and experiences of pleasure and putting it in experiences of growth. We are the only animate beings who have the ability to choose where to put our faith and our hope. Animals are hard-wired to trust and hope for things based on chemical reactions, but we can contemplate the options and choose based on what we believe is best. It is my belief that our Creator gave us this ability, and therefore, it is our Creator whom we can request to enable us to use our faith and motivation wisely and have it increase. By doing this, I have been experiencing changes in my motivation and where I direct my energy in ways that are completely unnatural to me.

So what are the things to place faith in and build motivation towards? First, it's good to have some long-term goals about what you desire for your life in the future - things you are really passionate about, and when a basic draw-up of those has been made, then you would want to consider what short-term goals will help to lead toward the fulfillment of those long-term goals. For instance, you mentioned chores. I can relate to how mundane and irritating daily chores are. However, by becoming consistent and responsible with chores and necessary menial tasks, it strengthens the resolve to apply effort, energy, and persistence toward future goals. No career or pursuit of a partner will be without significant stretches of necessary attention to uninteresting tasks and labor. But with those abilities sharpened, the possibility of those important fulfillments is far greater. So, when the mind recognizes AND believes this, it will become motivated, believing there is good in store. Chores and tasks aren't boring and irritating because of the tasks themselves, they are only so because of the attitude we carry when we are doing them. If the belief is that there are better things to do and that the task seems useless, the brain will not provide the chemicals necessary for energy, focus, and motivation. My Granddad loves doing dishes, and I always wondered why. But now I realize that he learned to appreciate doing work with his hands, and the attention to details involved. He became a surgeon.

So ultimately, I am saying that the level of motivation we have and where it is, all depends on where have chosen, either consciously or unconsciously, to place our faith and our hope. Faith is like a vehicle we fasten ourselves to on the road to our destination, and hope is the fuel or motivation that will take us there. They are both needed to go anywhere.
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I'm with ya, working on a solution as I type.

if it's just chores, I don't think you have much to worry about.
Me, too. I'm unemployed and people are getting pissed.
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