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You can never watch too many motivational videos. That was my only one today, but it was delightful. It actually made me tear up, but also feel stronger.

I agree with that video. Sometimes you have to go against the norm and do what you feel is right. No one else will do it for you, at times not even God. You have to do things yourself, even if it's scary and lonely. You might become a lone wolf for a while. You might be seen as an outcast. But someday people will look up do you and will look for your help, and you'll be happy to share your thoughts and help.

It's the key to become a leader. To becoming an active person. To be someone people won't forget that easily, someone who will be remembered for good.

Is it hard? You know it. Is it worth it? Well, do I really have to answer?

(I believe I was too inspired, to the point I repeat the words of the video myself. Sorry for that. Sometimes I can't help but try to inspire others to go through that path, even when I know they already do it. I just care too much, it's like watching my own story in a more dramatic way. :unsure:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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