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Warning: This post contains spoilers for Inception and Frankenstein

I know some of you already “get” me- but for any who may not, and for any newcomer who may have missed my “crusades”- I am going to elaborate on how I arrived at my realization. I assume everyone is very familiar with Frankenstein, and hopefully my quick summary of Inception will make sense to anyone who has not seen it.

I am a movie buff, and my mind often makes connections between things that aren’t really connected. In addition to simply reading more about INFJs, I thought about these movies and made analogies with them and my life as a way of understanding myself.

I saw the movie Inception just a few days before I started to consider that I might be an INFJ. This was approximately two months ago, and I now feel like a completely different person than I was in June. This thought occurred to me:

“The movie Inception is about people who get inside of the minds of others in order to plant ideas in them. This is exactly what I have been trying to do my entire life without fully realizing it.”

So, on to Frankenstein:

I feel empathy for the Frankenstein monster. He only wants a friend and everybody treats him like a freak, because they don’t understand this. He unintentionally hurts people, but everyone of course believes that he is doing it on purpose. Like me, he is a giant, and this naturally causes people to think of him as a threat. Truth be told, nobody has ever tried to do physical harm to me the way the townspeople do to the monster, but the psychological damage was intense.

AND…my realization….it was my fault. Because unlike the Frankenstein monster, I am insightful enough to understand the mindset of “average” people, but I didn’t want to conform to their way of thinking. Getting out of the shell, in my mind, meant that I was being a sell-out.

But I understand now that the majority of people I know can’t “speak” introvert. They think it is unhealthy for people to keep to themselves too much, and it is pointless for me to try to explain the concept to someone who is not interested, even though I tried to. Besides that, what I was forgetting in my- “I’m an introvert; leave me alone” days- was that when I am around close friends and family members, I can be downright goofy. It seemed like I was always “outgoing” with people that I knew well.

Call me irrational, but I’ve grown to prefer my Fe side. I act the same way with everyone now, except for complete strangers. “Acquaintances” that I see from time to time are now starting to become friends. I use Ni basically to plan-out my actions or to think back over them, but I have to actually take action in order to feel like I am accomplishing anything.

For a little over a quarter of a century, I have been trapped in a dream world. I’ve been in limbo- much like Leonardo Dicaprio’s character at the end of Inception. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a totem to tell me that this was so. I was conducting a master plan to rescue the entire world, and I was doing absolutely nothing about it. I was doing very little about anything really. I used the ol’- “reality is arbitrary”- idea as an excuse for not doing down-to-earth type tasks. If I had remained on this path, there is not a doubt in my mind that my fate would have been the same as the wife in the film. It would have killed me. I felt miserable, and I felt like a worthless pile of shit.

The only reason I started crusading was because I thought there were people in the same boat. I am open to the posibilty that not all of you are in this situation. I believe a person's temperament is a different thing entirley from who are as a person, and MBTI should not be used to put a person in a box. However, it is evident by some of the unhappy posts that there are INFJs out there who need help.

Ok, I’m too long-winded. I’m going to abruptly stop this post now.
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