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Moving to England from Australia

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Hello all. Since I was a teenager, I have wanted to live in England. I may start planning on moving there in a few years. I live in Australia, and while it is great, and is probably a great place to live I just... I don't know, I've never really felt like I belong here. Plus being a history nerd and loving overcast days, England sounds great to me. Plus, I have so many relatives over there that I've never met. And the culture is a little different. Besides that I know there's probably some cons, such as unemployment rates, and I heard its really dangerous to walk around at night. (Not that I do anyway, but I heard its worse compared to Aus.) I'm not interested in living in London, no way. I'm more interested in living in a nice town/country area. Anyhow.

Any expats from England or Australia who'd like to give me some advice? How different are the living costs? How much would be a decent amount to move over?
I would probably have to look at houses/flats whatever before I move.

Also pro's and con's.

If anyone could help me out, I appreciate it very much.
Thank you. :)

PS. If it helps I'm INFP. So if you have any tips INFPs should know please don't hesitate to tell me.
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