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Multiple results for MBTI tests: ENTP, ENTJ, etc. Need to determine type for class!

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Hello everyone!

I am currently taking a "mindfulness" class at my college and need some help with personality typing. We are required to write an essay about how we think our type has influenced our life. I really need closure on this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated!

The problem is : I've taken several tests, both cognitive function tests and MBTI tests and I've gotten different answers almost every time. I've tested as an ENTJ, an ENTP, even INTP and INTJ, although I doubt that I'm an introvert, as I do truly enjoy being around others and talking (even though I sarcastically say that I "hate people").

Some information about me that may be indicative of my type:

I can be incredibly persuasive, twisting words around, exaggerating, and being vague to get what I want.

I love pointing out logical inconsistencies in things; I enjoy editing papers for this reason as a teaching assistant, I annoy others while watching movies because I give a commentary on everything and get annoyed at the logical inconsistencies, and I've developed a habit over the years of correcting others. I HATE bad grammar as well; if a story or book happens to use the wrong form of "your/you're" as much as one time, I will immediately stop reading the book and discredit the person who wrote it. This might be silly, but if they can't use a word in the correct context, what else don't they know?

I am extremely assertive around others. If someone is doing something that I have a problem with, I will tell them to knock it off - for example, if someone continually tries to interrupt me, I will firmly say "Let me speak." I've found that most people tend to be extremely emotional, and this has created problems over the years with said people. I refuse to let others even attempt to push me around or manipulate me. I don't hold back in pointing bad behavior out in others either, and this has destroyed multiple friendships due to the fact that they didn't want to admit that they were wrong. In the words of my best friend, "I don't take 'no' for an answer;" I will always find a way. I can lack tact at times when I could literally care less and I've been known to be blunt. I swear a lot and I have problems with others trying to tell me what to do.

If I see something that I want, I pursue it until I get it, stepping on or over anything in my way. This applies to everything from career goals to romantic partners. I've lost friendships over this, but whatever - it is what it is and I'm not changing for the sake of what others want me to be.

I love a good debate and I know that emotions are not a necessary part of an argument. I like when people can debate an issue and leave that debate without anyone scratching their eyes out. My argumentative side and my desire to be right drives people up a wall, particularly family members.

It bothers me when someone has something that is in some way better than what I have; if they do, I fix that quickly by attempting to get my hands on something even better.

I have a wide array of interests; I love literature, languages, astronomy, math, physics, art, theatre, music, cooking, & much more. I've enjoyed drawing since I was a young child and have become proficient at it, and I have several art projects lying around the house. I like to decorate everything and make jewelry. I'm also a classically trained singer. Most, if not all people would describe me as creative, not only with the fine arts, but also in my writing and ways of thinking. I like literature for several reasons; it allows you to "explore" new worlds, it raises several tough questions that can be applied to our society, and I just love the emotional depth, imagery and symbolism of the classics.

I do worry about the future; I'm currently applying to graduate schools, and my master plan is to go through and get a PhD in languages and to become a professor. I'd be crushed if something happened and this didn't work out; I do not want to have to reroute my plans. I do truly care about my academic performance, and I do want to go through and get the highest level of education possible in my field. Even the thought of settling for less bothers me to my core.

I've changed majors three or four times throughout my college career, but I've always had the goal of getting a PhD; it was difficult to choose, as I have so many interests and wanted to find the area in which I have had and will have the most success.

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy the finer things in life. I like jewelry, furs, expensive clothes, handbags, great wine, excellent food, perfume --- anything that stimulates the senses. The only thing that bothers me about my chosen career path is that while I love the subject, I won't be making as much money as some other people. I love having new experiences also (I love to travel) and I believe that it's good to go out of one's comfort zone.

I daydream a lot, and those daydreams always revolve around a successful future, the person I want to become, and about love.

I enjoy laughing and being goofy with my friends, although I think that most people do this. There's nothing like trolling others with your best buds!

Once again, any help is appreciated! Please let me know what you think.
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Once again, any help is appreciated! Please let me know what you think.
Well, based on the emphasis on assertiveness, obtaining what you want no matter what, bluntness, refusing to be pushed around, lacking tact...etc. I could go one. Te dom. In other words, ENTJ.
Enjoyment in the finer things of life and your explanation of that statement hints at Se, especially when you said "stimulates the senses".
Refusal to be manipulated hints at really low F.
And your choice of username is a character who is typically typed as an ENTJ. Just an interesting observation.

If you haven't done so, I strongly recommend studying out the functions.
ENTJ = Te - Ni - Se - Fi
ENTP = Ne - Ti - Fe - Si
Constantly comparing yourself to others, enjoying teaching, having a goal of PhD (changing fields three times) rather than the end-goal of PhD within your targeted field and the enjoyment of trolling for the sake of trolling don't point to ENTJ. Consider other types like ENTP or ENFJ with Fe. Relative to Enneagram, you appear to be a raging enneatype 3.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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