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I have always been thinking about many things and held within my soul feelings I could never explain. Sometimes we are drawn to superstition and nonsense and absurdity just to give a room to the manifestation of our feelings and thoughts.

I have always been interested in English, Russian, Modern American, French literature. And American comics, also Japanese manga and anime. I like foreign movies specially American movies the ones who are deeply psychological, mysterious, horror, and science fiction. I'm into German, pre-socratic, existential philosophy, and I'm interested in nihilism and absurdism just to have some kind of a mind altering experiences.

As an INFP I'd talk a lot when it comes to ideas and feelings but mostly I don't talk at all. See I have drifted away from the main point of web tests, personality tests. So here is the following results...

Surely I'm an INFP with 75% introverted feeling, 69% extroverted intuition, above 68% introverted sensing, 40-50% extroverted thinking.

Enneagram : 4w5 more likely (the bohemian) than the 4w3 (the aristocrat).

Four temperaments : melancholy .

Dominant brain hemisphere : Right hemisphere (though the dichotomy is thrown away).

Multiple intelligence : full intrapersonal, full musical, almost full linguistic, above average visual, above average kinesthetic, and below average in the rest (logical, interpersonal, naturalistic).

Aura : blue, violet, indigo.

Chakra : root, navel (under-active). sacral, heart, throat, crown (open). Third eye (over-active).

Spirit animal totem : Swan, Otter, Spider.

I have a "Virgo Personality".

Philosophy : Personal religion (Kierkegaard).

Imagination : 92%.

The rest of the tests are just for fun but it can tell you a little bit about yourself but as I said it's just for fun...

Greek God : Athena.

Egyptian God : Ptah.

Mythical creature : Unicorn.

I have always been into the sin city comics and movie and my character is : Hartigan (The good guy of the comics and the movie).

The rest are Japanese anime and manga characters...

Yugioh : Yami (the pharaoh).

Code Geass : C.C

Death note : Ryuk (The hysterical God of death).

Chaos Head : Aoi Sena (the girl who explained to the protagonist about the world conspiracy).

Naruto : Naruto (the friendly protagonist).

Soul Eater : Excalibur.

Bleach : Shihouin Yoruichi.

Hellsing : Sir Integra Hellsing.

Hey! We have been admiring fictional characters till we have become fictional ourselves.

Anyone who have taken these tests or would like to take them then I'd like to figure out your results too, it's interesting, so feel free to share anything concerning such tests.

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