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My long-time friend - let's call him "Hyphen" (his gamer handle) - has tested as INFP and as INFJ. He identifies with INFP which was his first and most consistent result. I've tested as INTJ, INFJ, INTP, and ENFJ, but my first and most consistent result was INTJ and the cog-stack fits the way I know my mind works. We're both Turbulent and we both suffer from various forms of anxiety, his due to PTSD and mine due to Bipolar Disorder (combined with various factors in the external world).

Anyway, we both defy the stereotypes and tropes associated with our types. He's far more technically inclined than me and he's an I.T. specialist. I'm more intuitive in a holistic way (can't tell you how many times I've heard someone say something like, "How did you notice that?!") and I've worked mostly blue-collar jobs. He's the tech guy. I'm the nature guy. He has ADD, whereas I'm more the opposite extreme. We're both artistically inclined, but he's also musically inclined (drums and guitar). He prefers stuff like Star Wars, whereas I prefer stuff like Mad Max. When it comes to pop culture, he likes newer stuff, whereas I prefer old stuff. For example, big-budget blockbuster movies versus old B-movies (especially from the '80s). He doesn't express a huge emotive connection to nostalgic movies or music, though he does like retro video games, but he doesn't care for video game music (which I love). I'm painfully sentimental and some songs and scenes from certain movies actually make me weepy (I'm usually fairly decent at hiding it, though).

We both love the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but he refuses to watch The Ice Pirates with me. He actually gets mad at me sometimes if I "pester" him too much to watch Krull with me, or a nautilus documentary or whatnot. His wife (who's tested as ESFJ and as ENFJ) actually yelled at me once, saying, "Who would ever want to watch a nautilus documentary?!" Neither of them understand why I love to watch insects just doing their thing out in nature and they both get irritated if I try to tell them about the beautiful things I observe during the day (which kinda hurts my feels to be honest).
They both refuse to watch The Brave Little Toaster even though his wife likes WALL-E. I keep trying to convince her that that's philosophically inconsistent. If you like one, you should at least give the other a chance. I got one over on them, though, by getting their kids to watch The Brave Little Toaster. Whenever I'm between jobs (plight of a temp worker) during the summer, I'm their "manny" (male nanny). I guess it's like being a camp counselor. I've got them trained so when I say, "Is everything alright in here?" they respond with, "Yes, nanny!" in reference to The Muppet Babies. Yes, I'm that much of a dork.
And then there's the subject of dogs. Hyphen is way more authoritative than me and takes that approach with pets. He values obedience and "intelligence" in his pets over anything else, whereas I just want to cuddle and play with them. Which reminds me, his daughter once told me that I'd make a good mom.
Don't get me wrong. I understand the need for being authoritative with both kids and pets, but I often disagree with his approach (and his wife's). Dogs can sense a person's vibes and his anxiety (and his wife's) tends to drive them away. They often seek refuge in me because I can switch off my anxious vibes and instead allow "love and peace" to flow through me. Which might explain why I'm always getting compared to this guy.

Also, his wife is even more authoritative than he is and she's totally a "Lucy" (from Peanuts) when it comes to dogs. She says I'm like a cross between Linus (intelligent and kind but insecure) and Pig Pen (because I sometimes neglect myself). Instead of having a security blanket (aka "woobie") like Linus, I sort of am a security blanket for others (which I regard as a blessing). Anyway, they no longer have a dog, but have gone through a few over the years. Their kids sometimes feel more comfortable around me than them because I can project "calm" even during times of inner turmoil. "Enhance your calm," as they say in Demolition Man.

Another irony, which we could say is maybe work-related, is that I'm more valued for my "brawn" than my "brain." I'm always the guy they call when they need heavy lifting done. In and out of the workplace, people respect me for my reliability and my ability to perform menial tasks with above average endurance. The reason I can do this is because I use proper lifting techniques and apply the principles of ergonomics to my environment. Because of this, they're willing to put up with my...lesser traits. I get confused easily and I need clear instruction and consistency. People sometimes mistake this for a need for "hand-holding" or whatever they call it nowadays, but what's so wrong with having an aversion to ambiguity? At least when there's a task that needs to get done.

That's all I've got for now. I'll probably think of more stuff related to this as this thread grows. Feel free to share your own experiences. Expose your wounds and your soul-scars. Don't hold back.

Surely, someone can relate to this.
*insert "don't call me Shirley" joke*

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