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I was thinking she was an xNTP but when I had her take that humanmetrics test she weirdly got INTJ. (it's weird because that is my boyfriend's mbti and they're nothing alike save for being rather antisocial). Here are a few things to help you guess her type:

-is generally amiable though has become antisocial over the years (I truly think that's because she thinks it's cool and funny to be... she was actually always rather popular in school with her own crowd anyway- especially with guys because she's a flirt). I think she's an Introvert but is kind of outgoing for one. So you see where I get confused guessing if she's an E or I.
-has an earthy and also sarcastic sense of humor.
-likes: baking, reading (especially YA stuff, poetry, favorites are Harry Potter, Twilight, anything by Ellen Hopkins), concerts, music (rock, pop, rap, country and metal), cats and dogs, traveling, piercings and tattoos, trucks and motorcycles, comedies and horror movies.
-likes being financially independent (though enjoys people buying her stuff quite a bit) though she is fairly dependent on guys.
-I've seen her cry only once when she had a fight with her mom, unless you count the time we both were about to cry at that cat scene in The Roommate. She doesn't seem to feel that comfortable about others' emotions.
-prides herself on being "brutally honest" and often unknowingly hurts others' feelings (though sometimes with me she is flat out rude because she thinks it's funny what she says) but is actually sensitive about herself and kind of insecure, she admitted. She puts on a tough, confident front.
-thinks she has a man's mind in a girl's body but I think she's fairly feminine in some ways.
-VERY stubborn. she learns stuff the hard way, doesn't take advice much, doesn't prefer to try new things at all, and even when she learns from a mistake she often continues doing it (like a bad relationship even after they broke up several times).
-gets bored easily and likes to have fun, but is hard to enthuse and likes being lazy at home.
-is pretty sensible but often makes impulsive choices.
-likes order and "needs" her things arranged in particular ways but often doesn't feel like doing it. she does usually get stuff done, though, without pushing.
-admitted she does not do well with theory or anything abstract. example of a convo we once had:

Me: what would you do if X?
Her: Well, X is never going to happen so nothing.
Me: But what if it DID?
Her: It's not!
Me: But IF IT DID?!
Her: it's NOT!

also, I followed the suggestion of HollyGolightly here and took a test for her, trying to choose the OPPOSITE of the choices I believe she'd pick on the humanmetrics test so what she got would probably be the opposite of what she really is. the result was ENFJ so she'd be ISTP. Still not sure, but sounds like her...

if this also helps, Angelina Jolie is apparently an ESTP and has quotes on that Celebrity Types page that definitely remind me of my friend.

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Not all NTP types are abstract for sure. But usually there's a more speculative flavor to them than to the more direct observation, factual, style of the STP types. It depends what measure you're going for.

The cognitive functions way of determining type would certainly peg me as far from INTJ, because I don't think I go within miles of the Fi-Te axis.

Try to figure out where she does show strong preferences. If I/E is not where that is, then move on to try something else.

Keys 2 Cognition - Cognitive Processes
Jungian Cognitive Functions Test

Here are some of the standard cognitive functions tests. But cognitive functions are a rabbit-hole. There's essentially even less likelihood in my take of getting an accurate result using the tests for deciding your cognitive line-up possibly than even with the usual tests like humanmetrics. You can try some of these things and give me a mention if you'd like me to take a look at what it suggests.

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She sounds very similar to my ISTP best friend, it might help to look at her interests and see if they are more physical and real-world related or are they abstract.
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