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Interesting and descriptive title, I do indeed think so. What’s more interesting for a title than a bet? For both the gambler in you and the expert at typing and yes, I’m talking about what you did last night :wink: god I’ve already embarrassed myself and this is only step one of the equation.

Yes I ramble.
Yes, you may have guessed, I want your help getting typed.
Yes, that chocolate bar you left in the fridge to cry yourself to sleep is no longer there but in my fat stomach
Don’t blame me, blame crappy internet connection speeds

WHAT AM I DOING!! You’re never going to type me now right?? Well it’s a good thing I’ve got strength and perserverance on my side (looks both sides) crap...

Business Time

Hello Fellow Brethren of the artisanal Personality Cafe.

-So I’m not this enthusiastic, charismatic, charming person you see before you in text, not in the physical anyway. But this is how I truly am in my head. I find it hard to show this much expression in the real world. Just don’t feel it. Writing it is a completely different thing though. It’s why most of my friend find me annoying when I text (yes, no plural). Hohohoho, aren’t I fantastic? But I am like this with close family, so I don’t know.

- I question everything. Everything. It’s the reason why I complain a lot, find a lot of things annoying and just one of the reasons a lot of people find me irritating after spending extended hours with me. There was better wording for that. Questioning everything tends to lead to fault finding which people don’t like because I think majority of people prioritise happiness which is fine, but then again, they do so at the price of ignorance which isn’t.

-I like to think about what things mean. Mostly in the sense of, what does thissay about this, deal. I think this is mostly because I like hidden meanings, trying to figure out manipulation and discovering it, I like depth and I like the ’why’ question.

- I’m pretty sure my thoughts and light are at a race in the fourth dimension (I know it doesn’t make sense). I think it’s partly the reason why I do so much better in conversation in texts than in person, because ideas just come to me in random bursts rather than in a subtle and consistent way that conversation requires.

- I don’t prioritise learning as much as I would like to. Most of my goals relate to wanting to learn something but I just can’t stick to it and end up doing the same thing again and again. When I do get into learning mode, it’s like there’s gravity just trying to push like the book, piano or whatever it is away from me. I think it might have to do with wanting satisfaction in that moment and being impatient. I’m not productive with my time.

-Ironically, Most of my focus goes to people and relationships, character and behaviour (fictional or non fiction) despite the fact that I strongly feel a dislike for people and even I feel they ask me to hang out when I’m already at home, I’d rather not do it. If I have to join a community though (work, uni, college, whatever it is), I strongly need like minded people there an will most likely gravitate towards them and join forces. But I hate that wear off period where you know everything there is to ask and talk about and you’re left trying to pick up the pieces. So I’ve had times where I’ve had to hang around a group of 3 and it makes me irritated to have to sit there waiting for food not knowing what to say, I’d rather not be there.

-I like thinking about hypotheticals. What if the world was like this (insert random dystopian setting here).

-Random things that I don’t expect so like sounds can make me laugh.

- Depending on my mood, I can see socialising as a kind of experiment. So I either purposefully say awkward things just for the heck of it or I’m not bothered lying even though that would be the more socially accepted thing to do for a situation. Because I’m not that motivated when it comes to interaction, I can seed motivation from adapting my behaviour to what I’ve learned from celebrities or fictional characters. Not in a fake way. But I mean, these people can provide a guideline. I don’t want to call it inspiration because I like to think I’m not a total loser and it’s not out of admiration but out of my own laziness.

-I’m the kind of person where even though I know certain music isn’t “quality”, I’ll listen to it anyway. You people may know this a “Shame Music”. Just because sometimes you need to detach like that.

-Im very open to perspectives and go by what makes sense, not necessarily reliant on facts behind that. For example, I’m open to mysticism and don’t mind trying out my chances in tarot cards or dream readings and the like. Just to see, I don’t believe in the thing, but I like the idea of how freaky it would be if those things were true or if results were accurate one time. Just the maybe makes it exciting.

- I spend a lot of time on my own and I love it. I love having a room to myself and time to just do what I want.

- I’ve always found rules very annoying. People that trust rules and don’t question them are just as annoying. For example, at this place I went to, there was a rule for ID for those over 18, let me repeat, OVER 18. It doesn’t make sense, it defies the whole point behind ID. But I don’t like it in people because I associate it with parakeet answers “well this is what they said to do, so I’m doing, I’m really doing it”, “well according to Bigni Facts, the whole matter is bogus”. Boring way of thinking and if all people thought like that, there would be nothing new in our world.

- even though people annoy me, I can be too nice to people. There was this time I used a room which is usually meant to be booked and didn’t book it, woman walks in, I say I’ll leave, she says yeah thanks and as I leave I say thank you even though that wasn’t really owed since I was already leaving. I also feel very guilty about homeless people and relive the same guilt with every sight because I know how bad the conditions would be and I how angry you’d be seeing these happy shiny people walk past


Anyway. I think I’m done being a narcissist now.

Here’s a face for you good people :smug:

Thanks for reading!

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Hi @Red Panda
Thanks for your typing.
Can I ask why you thought E before I?
Your attitude towards socializing seems more E than I, even if you do enjoy your alone time. I see general P attitude and a preference for N, so ENxP. I don't see strong F preference and you dedicate more lines into describing your enjoyment of exploring ideas and analyzing. I think an ENFP would probably give more lines to describing their personal feelings, beliefs, how they connect with people etc.

Of course that's all by what you write there.
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