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My brother's type?

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My brother's very introverted. He is the strong and silent type, always seeming very calm, cool even when things get bad, he's often perceived as emotionless. But he's a gentle giant and has a sweet down to earth nature, he's also independent, and intelligent. He's confident and assertive but naturally gentle, protective and friendly when you get to know him. He is quite charming when he accepts someone as a friend, and has a way of making people open up to him. Great memory too.
He's wise. People say he's like "Buddha" or "Yoda", and I have to agree with that. He was very mature when he was young and still is. He can also read people very well and know somehow how they feel, even if he has no evidence.
He isn't sensitive and doesn't take criticism to heart, but prefers to maintain harmony. He doesn't think about the future at all, he tells me he barely can think up to two weeks from now.
Sometimes, people get annoyed that he is almost too relaxed
My brother is responsible and hard working when he sets his mind to it, but sometimes isn't very observant to his surroundings.
I doubt this has anything to do with types, but his interests range from sports, bodybuilding, creative writing, art and music.
Seems to fall for ESTP girls and attract them?? Doubt that has anything to do with MBTI either, XD

I think he's either ISxx or INFJ?
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He definitely seems like an INFJ. It would be interesting to see what he'd get on a personality test, or what type's he'd relate to if he read about them :)
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