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1) I try to be polite to people, even though I often don't succeed so much but maybe because I'm not old enough and haven't used my Se enough to find out the proper way to do stuff:p Or maybe if I had Ne I'd be able to see the importance of it more.

2) I really like finding out about things and how things work to a certain point such as when I lose interest in it..and I'm bad at things I have no knowledge about.

3) I'm sometimes awed at things my ISTJ dad says because of his Ne, like how do you think of that? While things my Ni using sisters point out that I have missed, I'm more like, oh yeah, that makes sense, duh, I could have seen that if I had looked properly. Ne stuff I usually don't see coming.

4) I haven't organised myself yet to have a planner but I tend to write things down if I want to remember them. My dad also writes things everything down but he does it because he wants to make sure he does things, but maybe that's more a Te thing.

5) I tend to do what you do with my Se enjoy the moment thing:p Actually I only do things if I really have to. My dad would act more like your dad but maybe mine is just fulfilling his duties:).

It could be ISTP tendencies.. but it also could be more INTP tendencies by 1%:laughing:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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