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Hey everyone,
So ever since I was young I always had this ficitional band I made up in my head. They've never really had a name but it consists of 4 boys. Ive never know what to do with them though, make music for them (like a Gorillaz) type thing, or write a book about them or produce an animation. I've always known their physical appearance and their personalities, and recently I assigned them their types and I just decided to share them with you so you can let me know what you think or what type you would assign them with instead. I've only just recently got into personality types so I probably am not that good at accurately assigning types. But anyway, here are the members :)

Physical description:
He has auburn hair which is sort of messy, but it doesn't cover his face (his hair style is hard to explain). He has hazel eyes which gleam companioned with a large grin. His eyebrows usually give him a determined look. He's usually wearing his school uniform, which is an untucked shirt with a short tie and baggy trousers with his undone shoe laces.
His voice is quite loud but has a sort of raspy tone to it.
Zodiac sign: Aries

I think Kyle was the hardest to assign, hence why I've gave him 3 types (I'd appreciate somebody to help me properly assign!)
He's the leader of the band. The main vocal and lead guitarist. He's very determined and ambitious and will do anything for the success of the band. He's very outgoing and can be quite silly and mischievous. But when it comes to music he'll take it very seriously. There's always antics he's causing and sometimes gets into trouble. Nonetheless, he had good intentions and can be easy going. There's never a boring moment with Kyle.

Diego - ISTJ
Physical description:
his hair is sleek, black and neat. Usually in a 'comma' style. His eyes are a deep brown which gives him a mysterious look. His resting facial expression is very serious, and when he smiles it's not usually a huge, enthusiastic one like Kyle's. He can look very intimidating. He has good fashion sense and always looks smart.
Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Diego is the bassist of the band, sometimes does vocals. He is very intelligent and can be very cold. He is a perfectionist and usually plans things for the band. He can get irritated by Kyle's antics and his sometimes dull-mindedness. Though, Diego can be unapproachable, when you get to know him he's actually very considerate and kind. He can be skeptical, but he puts a lot of time and effort into the band.

Jack - INTP

Physical description:
Ginger and messy hair which covers his forehead. Bright green eyes matched with a somewhat distant look, he seems very absent, but that's the opposite of what he is. His signature item is the goggles which he wears upon his head.
Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Jack is a guitarist and the strangest and hardest to get to know out of everyone. Nobody really knows what he is thinking. Deep down, he is thinking big. He has a mind full of ideas which he never really shares. He's very eccentric and detached. He doesn't speak too much, but when he does its usually something unpredictable and weird. He can be sarcastic and has a very good wit. He usually writes the lyrics and composes. He has a fascination with science and the stranger things in life.

William - ESFJ
Physical description:
Plain brown coloured hair which he wears in a quiff. Very friendly, and enchanting blue eyes. He's very tall. Looks approachable. The boy next door probably. Extremely handsome.
Zodiac sign: Libra

William is the drummer and the most laid back and easy to get a long with of the band. That's what makes him so popular, oh and probably his good looks too. He's very friendly and does not have a bad bone in him. You never see him angry or too 'extra', he's very chilled out. He's maybe the mom friend of the band. He can be romantic too, and he never fails to win over someone with his very present charm. He's probably the most likely to have groupies...
His only bad quality is that sometimes he can be too laid back and sometimes he doesn't take the band very seriously. He's a talented drummer though. He's closest with Kyle.

So those are the descriptions of the band members! Let me know what you think! Perhaps you could give me some suggestions on different types, a name for the band, or what I could do with these guys lol...also let me know who your favourite is!

(Btw I hope I've included this in the right category haha)

Thanks!! :)

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Richard - ISFP
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They make emo music.
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