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I am working for 2 years in a call center as a customer service. I work graveyard from 9pm-7am. Im meeting the metrics but sometimes i feel so dumb if i cannot handle a call properly or when i get irate callers.

It frustrates and stresses me a lot and makes me feel guilty when I make several mistakes transferring them to the wrong department.I want to give good customer service but the company's products are sometimes too difficult for me to understand.

What keeps me going are my closest friends, one best friend, and the fat paycheck.

But everyday I always worry what kind of calls I will be getting each day. I sometimes dread going to work esp. thinking of how I would totally suck at handling difficult calls and I have a hard time understanding the customer's problem and giving a solution or support for it.

I graduated Business Administration and I was advised to find a job at the bank or any normal day job. But i am scared to start at the bottom and esp. with the lesser pay.

My best friend is leaving and it's causing me great sadness that I no longer find meaning and inspiration of staying in this job but I am afraid to risk and regret leaving the job because I need to save more money.

The main reason that will make me want to leave is because I don't think i can go on without my best friend. I broke down and cry when i learned he is leaving next year by March.

Now I almost cry myself to sleep because I feel so depressed knowing he is leaving me when he seems to be my only source and inspiration that I am holding on.

Second, the job is sometimes making guilty and worries me.But I am still very thankful I get a good paycheck. But it's amazing I was able to manage and become one of the top agents for the past few months.

But in reality,I really get scared bec. deep inside me I know I didn't understand anything much about the company's products esp. with software.

What should I do?I really can't go on without my bestfriend and most of my friends are leaving too. Should I find another job too?
Or should I endure the stress for the sake of a good salary and enjoy great benefits that i won't be able to find elsewhere?
Or do I get more satisfaction and peace if I settle for a less stressful job but with lesser pay?
Is it worth changing my high-paying callcenter job?I really don't know what to do.

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I HATED my first couple of jobs but once I found a job that I enjoyed my life got so much better. You gotta do something you love so you can excel at it.
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