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My friends :)

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Hi .
I need ur help to know which time is my 2 best friends

My 1st friend :

- She think that she is always right .
- She talk a lot
- she has enemies more the friends ( She really hurt others feeling )
- bad at listening ( when I with her I rarely talk she just talk and talk and never stop )
- She is lazy ( really lazy she sleep in class she hate most of the subject specially physic )
- She talk to other that her life and family is perfect ( which is not she well never tell to other that she's wrong or there's problem with her life or her family)
- Really good at writing.
- have a lot of confident
- Really bad at sport
- hate chocolate ( I will never believe that :shocked: )
- When she's in love with someone she easily say that and give them hand-made Present be with them or think about them 24 hours :confused: ( even if they don't love her back )
- It's hard for her to trust other ( She always get mad at me because I trust others most of the time )
- Funny.
- Can be silly sometime .
- Her room is very messy. Shes laid back, but likes to get as much done as possible

My other friend :

- She say to me that I always waste my time doing stupid thing just for fun ( well she don't say that to me because she is afraid to hurt my feeling )
- She read books to improve her self or that she see that book useful to her ( even if it's boring :frustrating: )
-Want to CHANGE the world
- She finish her project very fast maybe in the first week ( if she is not working with me )
- she is very emotional and its fairly obvious to everyone how she feels about something. Emotional to the point of being very sensitive and not always rational. She cares very very strongly about people.
At the same time, she has a thought process system to her, and will make decisions on how she feels about things

- can't stand seeing weaker people getting hurt
- Don't like to meet new people.
- very much liked by other people
- organized
( They have really bad relationships with each other which is really hard to me :unsure: They always fight and hurt each other feeling they still friends until know just because of me )
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The first one is obvious, she is an ESTP.

The second one I am not sure, if you elaborate more it would be better but my guess is INFJ or ENFJ or ENFP.
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