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Yesterday, I found out that one of my three ultimately best guy best friends is officially engaged to the woman of his dreams.

I felt a mix of emotions. I've felt happy because I ''just knew'' since months ago that she's the one for him. (Intuitive power at work ;D) I love him truly as my friend, so I want the best for him.

I've also felt sad because I know that we'll drift apart even though deep down inside, we will be best friends forever.

I will miss the times when he used to make fake accounts on youtube just to spy on some people (okay that sounds bad, but trust me he isn't bad haha) but would PM me on my former youtube account just to say things like,''are you snooping around on youtube again or studying?'' ''If you're seeing this message, it means you are not studying, woman''

I will miss the times when I ranted to him via text messaging about my studies, and he went at one point,''Just don't jump off a building.'' I said,''No I don't do things like that!'' Then he said,'' Hmm never know with you students.''

I will miss the times when I'd be out somewhere and he called me using his work cellphone to ask,''Where are you?'' ''I'm at McDonalds.''

I will miss the times we talked on the phone just to bitch about the youtube arguments we had with people. ''Man, that guy is such a retard..He's like a sitting duck to shoot at when you lose confidence,'' I remember him saying. (Oh we're both really just good natured people who like to poke fun at the little things okay :crazy: hahaha)

I will miss the times when he drove me all the way from London to *place of study will not be mentioned in a public forum*, and when he said,'' that woman is my bitch'' about the voice behind his navigation (hahahah, non existent woman, get it?)

I will miss the times when he forced me to confess about my feelings for a former online fling

Me : I want to study in America someday
Him : Why? Just to get close to Michael?
Me: Nooooo!!

Him: I know you like him, I can tell by your tone

I will miss the times when we talked about politics

Him : Shhh.. people at work are looking at me

Heh. I just felt the need to vent it out a little.

I love you, best friend :( I hope you know that forever.

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That's lovely! :)
I'm sure you two will have even more good times even if he's married :)
And P.S! You should show this thread to him if you haven't confess your "friend love" to him already :p
Such a sweet thread!
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